Flos Taccia – rediscovery of a classic design

Flos Taccia – rediscovery of a classic design

The Castiglioni brothers industrial backgrounds are evident in this design, a shining example of the way Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni applied a minimalist approach to refurbishing everyday objects. They often liked to play with different perspectives, and the inspiration for Taccia came from an idea of an upside-down hanging lamp.

In the Castiglioni brothers original design, the iconic bowl reflector was made of transparent plastic. This idea was discarded though because the heat emitted by the incandescent light source deformed the plastic material. The prototype was then developed and produced by Flos in 1962, with its famous big blown glass bowl.  The base also remains the same and still resembles the pillar of an ancient Roman temple.

Standing on a bold, decorative base, Taccia emits reflected light through a large blown glass diffuser with a concave reflector. Thanks to the rotating diffuser, the direction of the light can be easily adjusted. Taccia is an eye-catching design classic whose timeless and playful appearance will complement various different interiors and spaces.

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