Flos Goldman Tavolo: reduced reinterpretation of a classic

Flos Goldman Tavolo: reduced reinterpretation of a classic

This well-known design gets a technological twist thanks to artist Ron Gilad, who created for Flos in 2013 the Goldman, to feature diffusers made of clear methacrylate and an aluminum frame. Inspired by the legendary “banker’s lamp,” Ron Gilad recreated the spirit of this style through the use of innovative and modern materials in art deco style.

Bank clerks already used this table light in the 19th century to illuminate their desks. The appealing Goldman Tavolo attracts all the attention with a geometric base and a perpendicular pole made of brass or nickel as well as a shade made of green or smoke-coloured methacrylate. This way, the table lamp from Flos provides any desk with a serious and sophisticated flair. This is also reflected in the name of this light source: the Goldman Tavolo was named after the infamous investment bank in New York.

Thanks to the interplay of classic, filigree design and modern LED technology, the Flos Goldman Tavolo LED enriches any office. However, the zone lighting of this table lamp also puts a sideboard or a commode in the centre of attention in the living room or the bedroom. Furthermore, the Goldman Tavolo LED may also serves as a stylish reading light next to an armchair and a sofa.

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