Gaku Table Lamp by Nendo

Gaku Table Lamp by Nendo

Gaku reflects the ingenuity and playful spirit of its creator Oki Sato. Whether designing lighting, furniture, technology, or installations, Nendo always eschews convention, stripping the desired product down to its most basic form and then building it back up in a clever way. The interactive concept behind Gaku reflects Sato’s deep curiosity around objects and deft ability to reimagine everyday experiences.

When he sets out on a project, Oki Sato aims to create what’s never been created before. “I wish to design something that I can’t think of,” the principal of Japanese studio Nendo says. “If I can already imagine it, then it is less exciting for me.” In his quest to challenge himself, Sato dreams up innovative products and spaces across sectors that push the boundaries of design. His imaginative approach has led to the creation of Gaku, a bold modular lighting fixture for FLOS.

Five add-on accessories—a bowl, vase, key bowl, bookend, and mirror—adorn the basic structure of the lamp while turning the piece into a do-it-all tool for the home.

An ash frame, in a natural or black-stained finish, is the only constant component in this infinitely customizable design. Inside or outside the frame, different lighting features and accessories can be selected and moved around. Gaku, which means “frame” in Japanese, offers a glimpse into the personality and needs of the user.

Source: usa.flos.com

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