The right workspace lighting

The right workspace lighting

Offices have become our second homes for many of us, probably this will change in the upcoming years as our spaces and how we use them changes together with us.
In this article we will write down some tips on what you should take in consideration when you will design your offices or create some for your clients, regarding the lighting.
A well-lit office affects the humor, dedication and the employees’s performance.

The well-being of employees directly impacts the performance of the company

An office space has to meet many requirements, it must observe the regulations in force, and provide a comfortable, safe and healthy framework.
A high quality of light raises the quality of living at the workplace, increases motivation and enhances concentration: it promotes well-being = it boosts efficiency.
The working environment becomes a real part of life, able to attract and retain the best potential and forces of the company.

ndriçimi ne zyrë


Maintain the Same Colour Temperature
You should always look for balance when creating a modern office space. To achieve this, go for lights with the same color temperature. Installing bulbs of different color temperatures will create a boring work environment and kill the enthusiasm of the employees.
Working places need a lighting with a tonality of 4000 Kl, which is an active light that helps with concetration ate work.

Update to Efficient Lighting Models
Updating to efficient lighting models is a wise decision to lower down your office electricity bills.
Go for LED lights,  choose dimmable lights, install light colored fittings and fixtures as dark one absorb light.

Use the right amount of light
Use well-lit spaces especially on worktops where the light flux should be 300-750 lux.
For specific work environments such as technical drawing tables, the light flux should be from 700-750 lux.

Color temperature for you
Color temperature

Therefore, the lighting concept should not only be used to illuminate the work place, it must also:

  • provide a balance between natural and artificial light,
  • create a feeling of well-being,
  • make the difference ( identification, brand image)
  • be flexible and durable.

RECEPTION AREAS – Waiting areas

These spaces convey the image of the company, and reflect how the company works.
They are key-places of exchange and contacts: needless to say that the atmosphere and the lighting layout must be welcoming and comfortable, even “dramatic” depending on the desired effect.
The light is brighter there, to spontaneously attract and guide the visitor to the reception desk.

Calipso ndriçuesi nga artemide

Calipso (Artemide)

Calipso is a fractal form that brings back the irregular beauty of nature and defines a perfect emission for workplaces.
It is a combination of optical and aesthetic intelligence.

Ndriçuesi Calipso nga Artemide


Governed by strict standards particularly in terms of ligting levels, the lighting of office spaces must meet very specific requirements.

Open-plan offices  

A dynamic space where employees must be able to exchange without difficulty, and concentrate just as easily.
Priority is given to working comfort .
The lighting should be functional and customizable.

Cell offices  

They often have no source of natural light.
The lighting will provide the necessary supplementary artificial light, without affecting the sense of tranquility and comfort.
The combination of general lighting, ensuring uniformity and comfort, and extra lights individually adjustable, is often well appreciated by users.

Eggboard (Artemide)

While combing sound absorption and visual comfort gives the user a 360 degree environmental quality.
Eggboard is a horizontal and vertical acoustic light.

Series Y Optics (Artemide)

‘Divorce Lighting from the client.’
Series Y creates a soft dialogue with the space it illuminates . It is the intersection between complexity and simplicity, functionality and aesthetic. It solves real issues in the workplace like the needs of more uneven compositions and unexpected open or closed, geometries.’

ndriçimi Series Y


The lighting has a significant impact on the people feelings. It must fit with the agenda and the different activities (reading, writing etc), and allow the alternation of a tonic light – able to create enthusiasm, and a more comfortable light – facilitating concentration.
In these areas, intelligent systems will be preferred, for the dimming and independent control of groups of luminaries.

Lancia (Egoluce)

The concept behind the minimalistic linear design was to create a contemporary lighting product that offers excellent illumination alongside affordability, flexibility and ease of installation
Lancia uses the latest technologies to achieve a delicate form which is capable of providing targeted or ambient light.

ndriçuesi Egoluce
ndriçuesi Lancia Egoluce

Rail (Egoluce)

Linear lighting system fitted with LED technology, for wall use. White painted extruded aluminum profile sized to integrate power supplies.
Simplicity and easiness of installation are among the strong points of this system.

ndriçuesi Rail Egoluce
ndriçuesi Rail, ndriçimi në zyrë

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