Nappe by Masiero

Nappe by Masiero

Marco Zito, an italian architect specialised in product design, interior design and architecture, draws inspiration from the Venetian tradition for a project that totally marries MASIERO philosophy: a decorative lighting system that represent a bridge between contemporary and classic style.

The big decorative tassels that brings together and adorn the historical palaces’ curtains, are reinterpreted, summarized and decomposed to delete every classical assets and obtain contemporary designed elements. The project considers 10 elements different in shape, details or decorative elements, that can be combined together to obtain personalized compositions.
Metal turning’s frame is enriched with brushed brass details and the traditional textile fringes are replaced with small varnished or gold metallic beams.

The characteristic technical element, that has been elaborated to be a distinctive aesthetic mark as well, is the ceiling fixing system: brass spheres connect the power wire one to each other and fix the elements to the ceiling, drawing a lines plot between elements.
The tassels gave a very modern and minimalist design, intensified by the touch-effect matt pastel finishings, even if a total white finishing is available as well.

Source: marcozito.com

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