Myra Chair by Almex Contract Furniture

Myra Chair by Almex Contract Furniture

Almex Contract Furniture presents the collection of upholstered seats: Myra, designed by Emilio Nanni in 2016.‎ Following the company’s spirit, this family of upholstered seats testifies that idea of comfort that the products Almex‎ ensure.‎

Myra Chair - Hilton Garden Inn Tirana Interior

A seat with an especially contemporary volumes layout, in accordance with the international taste that is attentive to design mood, Myra lends itself to instil its reassuring elegance to any environment.‎ The curve is its distinctive feature, along with the extreme attention to detail.‎ The contrasting stitching and the many possible combinations of colours and materials give the product a strong versatility.‎

Myra, with its infinite option and its discreet yet equally strong style, satisfies every specific request of inclusion and attention to comfort, making it a good candidate to become a real long seller.‎ You can find this product in every store of Almex in Albania.

Source: archiproducts.com

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