Murano in Arkspace

Murano in Arkspace

Venetian glass is thought to have been made for over 1,500 years, and production has been concentrated on the Venetian island of Murano since the 13th century. Today Murano is known for its art glass, but it has a long history of innovations in glassmaking in addition to its artistic fame—and was Europe’s first major glassmaking center.

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Why is Murano glass  so special?  It is the glass powder used to create the Murano glass. The ingredients of the homogenous mixture of various substances in the form of a powder used to create Murano glass is a well-kept secret among the glass-manufacturers of Murano since centuries.  Everybody knows about it, but nobody talks about it in the island of Murano.

Owning a real Murano glass is truly a unique and special experience. When the rays of sunlight shines through the Murano glass and its colors become alive, then one can truly appreciate the ancient tradition of Murano glass making.

In addition to utilitarian objects,  amazing chandelier, lightings are created with Murano Glass, adding to your spaces a touch of class. You can find some of these pieces of art at our offices, at ArchiSpace, scroll down to know more :

Swing 275

The collection of Murano glass chandeliers Swing 275 is one of our collections that most differs from the classic Murano tradition: the design of this collection is closer to the natural shapes.

The decorative wavy elements that sorrounded the central arm recall some plants, the cups evoke the bluebell’s corolla. Two variations of the Swing collection are available in the catalogue, Swing 275 is the one with upward lights.

All the elements that composed the chandelier are made of blown glass, this confers to the lighting work a certain uniformity. This collection stands out not only for its design, but also for the colours available. Among the colours, it stands out the iridiscent amber, a particular shade of amber with iridiscent finishings, whose glares gives a magic atmosphere to the surrounding space.

Gatsby Naked

The Murano chandeliers Gatsby Naked collection is a special edition of the Gatsby collection. The structure of the chandeliers is the same of the Gatsby chandeliers, but here the plissè fabric truncated cone lampshades are susbituted with cups that diffuse the light in the sorrounding space.

These cups are handcrafted, their surface is decorated with the “rigadin” technique (blown glass with straight ribs on the surface). Their shape resembles that of the crown and the final element, contributing to the harmony of the whole structure.

The cups that sorround the light bulbs give even more lightness and transparency to the whole structure, turning the chandelier into an outstanding decoration object.

The Gatsby Naked collection can be customised in many ways, in order to meet customers’ requests; many different colours, sizes and models are available. The collection includes wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps.


The blown glass chandeliers collection Capriccio 560 has the same structure of the 550 variation, but it differs from the last one for the position of the lights, which are downwards.

It is the best solution when the ceiling is not very high, without renouncing to the elegance and the magnificence of a venetian chandelier. As in many other collections by MULTIFORME, not only the structure but also the colours are innovative.

It is possible to customise the Capriccio 560 collection, choosing finishings, models, sizes and colours; the collection also includes a series of matching wall lamps.

Capriccio 550
Capriccio 560


The Murano chandelier Chapeau is one of the most appreciated chandelier among our classic models in the Multiforme TIMELESS collection. Chapeau is a classic and essential chandelier, it is handcrafted using high quality materials. This Murano glass chandelier is finished with handmade lampshades, and it is available in many different colours, sizes and number of lights.

The Chapeau collection includes chandeliers, table lights and wall lights. The big size chandeliers are perfect to be placed in stairwells, halls, meeting rooms and wherever an elegant decoration of the ceiling is needed. Chapeau is the perfect collection to decorate hotels or wide spaces, and whenever it is needed to minimise the costs without renouncing to a high quality solution. This is possible thanks to the high number of items available in this collection.


The name of this collection well express the essence of these chandeliers – superb simplicity. This collection of Murano glass chandeliers is the result of a research which harks back to the classic Murano chandeliers, with the purpose of re-elaborate them in modern terms.
Simplicissimus chandelier is made using high quality selected materials and finishings, it is a decoration product sober and of great value; and for this reason it is perfect to decorate both classic and modern spaces.

The Simplicissimus collection includes a wide variety of chandeliers, table lamps and wall lamps, each of these items is available in many different models, sizes and colours. It is also possible to customise the products on demand.


The glass chandeliers Coco collection takes inspiration from Coco Chanel, the revolutionary woman that has changed the fashion industry during the 20’s. In particular, this chandelier embodies one of her beliefs – elegance and style are based on simplicity.

The glass is manufactured using a particular technique, called “rigadin”, which allows to obtain straight ribs, conferring to the translucent surface a peculiar optical illusion. This optical effect, combined with the sheer silk plissè lampshades, contributes to the harmony and uniformity of the whole structure, which is a peculiar characteristic of each product of this collection – wall lights, floor lights and table lights.


As other Multiforme collections, also Bellepoque is available in two variations: the Murano glass Bellepoque 394 is the version with downward lights and Bellepoque 394 with upward lights. Bellepoque collection has been especially designed to suit special interior designers’ needs: it is the ideal solution to obtain a diffused and direct lighting, as well as in case of low ceiling.

Murano glass Bellepoque  is a versatile lighting work, with which decorate public spaces, such as restaurants, hotels and multi-activity centers, but it is an ideal solution also for housing projects. The two versions of the chandelier are available, with 6 or 12 lights.

Source: https://www.multiforme.eu

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