Pierre Cardin Home: Beach House Moodboard

Pierre Cardin Home: Beach House Moodboard

Probably if you ever worked with a designer or an architect you have seen them present their ideas in different ways, mostly graphically. Before they ever show you a render, they set together a series of photos, materials, textures, products all together to make you perceive the atmosphere they want to recreate in your space. This helps the designer to show their concept and perceive your reaction, and see if is the right direction.

Roland Sofa - Pierre Cardin Home

So what is a moodboard?

A moodboard is a visual tool that communicates our concepts and visual ideas. It is a well thought out and planned arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. that is intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

Pierre Cardin Home Moodboard

So here we have the theme of a beach house concept inspired by the natural colors and minimal style, with products form Pierre Cardin Home to inspire you.

A comfy, minimal and modular sofa so you can relax in any shape…

Roland Sofa - Doimo Salotti

A bamboo carpet with an abstract  fluid design and  just as the uncaptured colors  of the sea.

An artistic touch of  the wallpaper that brings together all the design…

With just some imagination and the right product you can revive your beach house! Curious?

You will find all the products at Pierre Cardin Home… Take a tour!

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