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Model School
Urban Plus
Ilir Gjinolli, Arbenita Ymeri Rexhepi , Ardita Byci Jakupi
Prishtina, Kosovo
5600 m2

Model School is located in the northeastern border of the old city of Prishtina. As part of a brick factory, which is no longer operational, the location is no longer distinguished by any specific visual quality. Visual quality is given by the factory chimneys which affect the image of the location in general. These elements are considered as features that have generated the concept of location development.

Defining the general scheme for educational content has been dominant in deciding on the typology of the building. The project analysis are focused on innovative factors in the field of learning and socialization spaces. This is how the concept of “multiple yard” was adopted. The center of learning and leisure activities is a multi-purpose space – “inner square”, in which learning, leisure, sports, food and alternative learning converge.

The atrium aims to create a safe outdoor space, visually open that enhances the sense of security. The school concept also influences the creation of a sense of ownership within the school community, and provides visual concentration inside the building. Also the idea of being inside an enclosed space, with different angles of openings that give a feeling of prosperity.

The position of the library in the multi-purpose space as a ‘stimulus’ to invite the student close to the book, the visual connection to the gymnasium and the escalation of the indoor courtyard in the multi-purpose space and further in the open outdoor space, are characteristic features of the school which give a feeling of transparency and clear orientation to the building.

The project presents an example of how designing a building can be the result of a comprehensive design process.
Model School presents a ‘model’ of:
• Design process – involving participants in the design process (students, teachers, parents, external experts) through workshops.
• the first application of the School Design Guide
• as the first school designed for the new education system
• in terms of cooperation (central, local, community and experts)
• applying new concepts related to content positioning

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