Michele De Lucchi – The Architect of Light

Michele De Lucchi – The Architect of Light

“Light is the most intangible material there is, and it is the element that best represents the sense of infinity, the sense of an endless future, the sense of a future that never had a begining.” – Michele De Lucchi in an interview for Artemide.

Artemide Ipno Suspension Glass by Michele De Lucchi

Michele De Lucchi is an italian architect but at Artemide he is a great designer. He was born in 1951 in Ferrara and graduated in architecture in Florence. De Lucchi has designed a good deal of successful products, lamps and furniture, for the most known Italian and European companies, as Artemide, Olivetti, Alias, Unifor, Hermès, Alessi.

Artemide Tolomeo Table Lamp by Michele De Lucchi

He says: “Lamps are paradoxically the design object that best witnesses the changes of lifestyle. When I used to design lamps, I’d starts from the light bulb. Now you can’t because LEDs are like light spots, and you can’t draw a light spot. This makes me think that lamps aren’t designed to give the light bulb a “dress”, but to create a system of light that…finds a shape in the place it starts from, where it rises. It doesn’t necessarily have a pre-established, conventional shape. Today we have the freedom to invent the light source regardless of any convention.”

Artemide Tolomeo Lamp original sketch

In an interview for Stylepark, De Lucchi describes the luminaires as objects that create light that is both aesthetic and technological at once.
“I find joy in designing something that has such a marvelous effect. I remember that in my parents’ house there was only one ceiling lamp. The room was solely illuminated from this source of light in the middle. It is rare today to encounter expressive light in a dark atmosphere. Today, we place many luminaires in a room. In my office there must be at least ten sources of light, a sea of light. In other words, the desired effect has changed over time. The luminaire is essentially a technological object, but also an object that expresses mood, the environment of the time in which we live.”

Artemide Tolomeo Floor Lamp by Michele De Lucchi

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEF6XB9IPYU&feature=youtu.be
Images: Artemide

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