Mënyra për të ripërdorur shishet e qelqit


There are so many thing you can do with old glass bottles and recycled glass jars! Glass bottles and jars provide many creative opportunities, ranging from utilitarian products to artistic products used in our everyday life.

Last year, PikArk together with Glassdesign.al organized a workshop focused on fusion glass and experiences in craft techniques – “Shape your bottles”.

Today let’s explore some simple creative ideas to re-use glass bottles and jars to create decorations, gifts, and functional things for our home and garden!

“Shape your bottles”

1. “Stained glass” wall made from recycled glass bottles and cans

Have you ever heard about Earthships? An earthship is an unique type of house which produces food and energy, cleans water, moderates temperature, and turns trash into treasure! This is one of the most amazing things about Earthships: that it turns what society considers “trash” into treasure – soda cans become building materials, glass bottles become stained glass art, discarded tires become vessels for earth walls, can lids become outlet covers… The secret here is creativity. When we look at something with fresh eyes and open mind, we see not an end, but potential!

2. Recycled glass bottle tiki torch

This DIY wine bottle tiki torch would add lots of style to your outdoor party gatherings! ( from Design Sponge )

Mënyra për të ripërdorur shishet e qelqit

3. Hanging mason jar lights

There are endless ways to use jars as lamps. A mason jar pendant light is easy to make. Use tinted mason jars for a beach inspired room! (from A Beach Cottage )

Or simple and beautiful mason jar ideas perfect for farmhouse and holiday decorations! ( from All things Heart and Home | Robin )

Mënyra për të ripërdorur shishet e qelqit

4. Snowy mason jar decorations

I love saving empty mason jars, pickle jars, jam jars… These beautiful and easy these DIY snowy mason jar decorations takes only 5 minutes to make!

Since Halloween is coming, you can choose this theme to create a mood for your party.

Mënyra për të ripërdorur shishet e qelqit

5. Farmhouse glass bottle lamp

Such a gorgeous Pottery Barn and farmhouse style DIY lamp by Jeannine!

Mënyra për të ripërdorur shishet e qelqit

Source: apieceofrainbow.com

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