Memory of the city

Memory of the city

Cities have a soul… Genius Loci
A soul made by its essential characteristics, built by its citiziens.
Since this soul translates the history of its urban spaces, it should not be erased.

Urban memory is the city itself, which keeps the marks of its consistant processes of transformation and permanence. It is a mistake to think we can freeze the urban space.

Dinamika e rrugeve te Tiranes

We tend to link the memory to the past. But it goes far beyond it.
Memory is the link between the past and the present. It is also the foundation for the future.
Also, the memory provides us with references to understand the present and it is closely related to a basic human phenomenon: change.
Without memory, change will become oblivion and disaggregation, in which any act is a mere mechanical reaction, disregarding the past or our own history.

Foto e nje Vile nga nje prej zonave te vjetra te Tiranes

The memory is nowadays being renegotiated through the battle of globalization forces and practices
of local cultures, in the manner of “memory without borders” rather than national histories within borders.
In the contemporary “runaway world.” (Giddens, 2003)

 ‘Through the institutions, a society or a nation produces shared sites, lieux de mémoire both material, symbolic and functional.’
(Nora, 1989)

Foto nga zona me arkitekturen vernakulare

“The city speaks – buildings are its words and streets its sentences. This is the language in which the community cherishes its hopes and memories”.
Norris, 2009

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