Saimira Arapi

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Saimira Arapi is an Albanian architect, graduated at Polytechnic University of Tirana in 2013. She holds a Scientific Master degree in Architecture. She is an academic researcher and instructor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Department of Architecture.

Her focus consists on the urban and architectural development and approaches in the existing context pattern. She has participated in different conferences focused on the historical development of urban and architectural built environments. Her research interest is presented with studies: “Designing an Eco-Quartier, in the area of “Tirana” river, PIR Tirana in collaboration with ESTP, Paris (2012); “Integrating water into public spaces”, IFAU conference, Albania (2017); contributor on the book:” Low, Denser, Better “, by Bleta, D., Qamo, D., Burda, A. (2019) where the main subject explores the potentials of low rise-high density housing typology.

Since 2016 she is an architect in practice and also a member of the Association of Albanian Architects. Her professional experience is a merge of both practice and design. She is focused on designing residential environments, industrial and agricultural buildings and the implementation of different projects. She currently leads her own architectural office “DEN LED” and also continues to work passionately in the academic field.