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Landscape, Architecture and Design Studio – LAND emerged from an ambition to rethink the role of the architect as a mediator between the unprecedented speed of technological change and the comparative slow pace of urban development.

Land is an architectural studio based in Kosovo. We started with two young architects and today our family has grown into more than 10 ambitious architects and designers. For us, architecture is not just a style to follow, but a ‘tool’ for social, practical, economical and environmental integration. We consider design as a process of dialogue to involve people of different professional fields. Our firm is currently developing projects in various domains such as individual and collective housing, education and work places.

With each new project we come prepared to listen to the client with an attitude of discovering the possibilities that are offered by the program and site. More often it is the friction between program and site that makes a design begin to “percolate” and take form. The realities of budget and time almost always enter in as “referees” to this process.

The firm believes that all projects benefit from a process involving the client, architect, builder and other specialists in an informative collaboration and that successful projects are made possible through the management of all participants involved.

Each member of the firm brings a wide variety of experience and expertise. Our long-established relationships with outside consultants provide our clients with a complete range of related services to complement our own design capabilities.



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