La Plus Belle LED Mirror

La Plus Belle LED Mirror

“Imagine the witch asking her mirror: Mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful’. In the dark, it does not work. In the dark, nothing exists, not even questions. Flos turned on the light around the mirror and Snow White appeared.” – Philippe Starck

A magical object, half way between a lamp and a piece of furniture:
La Plus Belle, designed by Philippe Starck for FLOS, is a mirror with incorporated light sources. La Plus Belle is designed to provide the best possible light. It is the perfect choice for your make up space in your bedroom or in your beauty salon.

It is an elegant, oval mirror for wall, two meters high, with a lighting source integrated on the edge. Special LEDS are hidden beneath the optical silicone diffuser, assembled in a very frequent mode to increase the uniformity of the diffusion and provide a unique performance. Furthermore, the light from La Plus Belle is pleasant and soft (2700K) as well as manageable by the dimmer with a sensor integrated in the mirror.

Source: flos.com

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