7 Kitchen Designs That’ll Make You Buy Smeg Appliances

7 Kitchen Designs That’ll Make You Buy Smeg Appliances

If you thought there was no such thing as a stylish kitchen appliance then you’ve obviously never seen a Smeg. Best known for its colorful, retro 1950s-style refrigerators, the Italian company offers an array of high-end stainless steel statement appliances — think toasters, coffee makers, stoves, and more — designed to bring a burst  of color and personality to your kitchen.

We surfed on Pinterest and rounded up some of the dreamiest kitchens with Smeg appliances for the ultimate kitchen inspiration. Here are seven Smeg-clad kitchens to swoon over.

SMEG Albania Showroom

Double the Fun

The only thing better than an eye-catching Smeg appliance in your kitchen is two. Case in point: the kitchen of a 1950’s beach house after renovation where you’ll find a pastel blue refrigerator and a chic white oven, both by Smeg, that draw from the dark flooring in the room.

True Blue

Nothing brightens up a neutral kitchen like a bold refrigerator. Do yourself a favor and employ a Smeg fridge in an especially eye-catching shade to energize a monochrome kitchen, like the royal blue one or denim fridge that we have here at Arkspace. Denim has always been a part of everyone’s imagination and communicates freshness and comfort, rebellion and style.

Pink Power

A little bit of pale pink goes a long way in a kitchen and we LOVE the pink Smeg appliance. You can opt for a sprightly pink Smeg toaster (instead of a traditional one) or take a cue from the work of Shoko Design in Poland, entitled « summer vibes » which, in fact, with its pink fridge,  makes this apartment look fresh as the beautiful season.

Classic But Cool

Searching for a way to upgrade your kitchen without having to hire a contractor? A classic white Smeg fridge, one of our favorites too, like the one inside interior design queen  Jules Villbrandt’s kitchen in the Berlin, brings a touch of sophistication to any kitchen that never goes out of style.

Mixed metals

Dreaming of an easy way to revamp your Scandi-style kitchen? Follow in Tracey Tilley’s footsteps and pair a colorful steel Smeg fridge with some shiny copper-finished fixtures to shake things up without straying from the monochrome color palette, just like she did her Detroit, Michigan home.

Blue Heaven

Don’t want much more than a subtle pop of color in your kitchen? Soft, pastel-hued appliances, like the baby blue Smeg fridge that Stephanie Hill from The Style Bungalow blog used in her rental kitchen, can liven up a colorless kitchen without appearing overly flashy.

Vintage Vibes

When all else fails, you can always count on a Smeg appliance to bring some vintage charm into a kitchen. A pale turquoise refrigerator, like this one in wrap watercolor realized by The Big Easy Kitchen BV, plays up the retro appeal of the shotgun-style apartment without overwhelming the small space.

Source: apartmenttherapy.com; pinterest.com

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