Rwanda Chapel – Everyone’s space

Rwanda Chapel – Everyone’s space

Rwanda chapel competition, 2019
Location: Rukomo, Rwanda
Co-owners: Adonis Rexhepi, Leart Miftari, Blerim Bajraliu, Arber Sadiki
Honorable mentions!

The whole idea was leaded toward of creating one universal free space. Human being by the fact of his existence has the undeniable right of participating on the space, wherever. This principle oriented us toward the building which is opened for everyone, without doors, barriers… It is closed as much as it’s necessary to protect users from atmospheric conditions, but deeply opened and accessible anytime by anyone.

Despite the fact that building is dedicated to the particular religious Christian community, the religion symbols such as cross, were not treated in the formal way. This symbol comes very naturally shaped by the main architectural elements such as walls and ceiling.

The vertical gap in the frontal wall of prayers hall and horizontal one in the ceiling, within the inner space is  perceived as the three-dimensional cross. This approach when the symbols are not coming as physical artifacts placed within the architectural space but they came as the direct result of architectural approach, makes it possible to avoid the risk of telling the story through formal religious artifacts by giving such a duty to the architecture speaking through pure architectural elements such as walls and ceiling are.

The building is materialized on red pigmented concrete regarding to be familiar with the local traditional mud bricks, but with very better constructive characteristics that whole construction of the building requires, at the same time.

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