Horo iconic lighting collection by Masiero

Abiesse, Horo masiero

Horo iconic lighting collection by Masiero

Stylish contemporary lighting inspired by the Sun

The sun is an ancient and enduring source of inspiration. Tapping into this, the design for Horo took the depiction of the sun as a circle and related icons like the Sun god Ra as its starting point. The distinctive illuminated discs form a perfect archetypal representation of the sun and give this collection an eternal and graphic quality.

Abiesse Horo Masiero

Style & Aesthetics – Contemporary with hints of vintage

The overall design is sleek and modern, whilst the finishes feel more vintage. Despite the very slim profile, Horo has a remarkably three-dimensional quality. Illuminated more brightly at the edges, the disc can appear almost globe-like.
The glass itself is textured with a diamond pattern. This gives it a “vintage flavor that I like so much,” says Gonalons. The collection is available in various glass colors: transparent, green, powder pink, light blue and smoke. Gonalons explains that the colors reflect a desire for a contemporary palette, yet also take inspiration from the 1950s Italian style.

Abiesse, Horo Masiero

Design Memento–Work with your strengths

The design of Horo features two materials which are particularly important for MASIERO: glass and metal. The firm has extensive experience and a strong skill base in metalwork. Glass is an iconic material which is historically linked to nearby Venice and also widely sought after in lighting.

The material choices support and enrich the design concept.

Horo by Masiero
Horo by Masiero, Abiesse

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