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See Well
Eye clinic
Nesila Hajdini Architecture
Nesila Hajdini
Tiranë, Albania
126 m2
Skeria Lako, Nesila Hajdini
Porcelanosa, Vita Lux light, Glass, Abiesse

Arkitekte Nesila Hajdini
Foto Skeria Lako
The  See Well clinic project  is designed to provide a high quality service and at the same time to provide a pleasant environment during your medical visit.
The whole concept of space distribution is built on the creation of a central point of reference  that concludes with the only existing column in the central space,  from where all the space/flow distribution will take place.
Plani i projekti See Well
Nesila Hajdini architecture
Inspired by the eye structure itself, distribution to the  doctors & diagnostics’s rooms,  it is realised through ” light guidelines,” originating from the central pillar. Not casually, the reception is there, as clients  can easily orient themselves into the clinic.
Genesis of the whole project is the “light”, that diffuses into the other spaces, located around its source.
Arkitekte Nesila Hajdini
The space is divided into two main areas of pure geometric shapes:
2. Reception area, where  you will find the the reception, waiting space  and the accessories showcase wall.
3. The service area, which is  also formed  by geometric figures, where besides the two doctor’s rooms, there is a meeting room, a kitchen, a toilet and it finalises  with the  two diagnostic rooms. 
Arkitekte Nesila Hajdini
Nesila Hajdini Architecture
Skeria Lako

A minimalist style with a gray and white palette was deliberately chosen to communicate the sensation of a large, clean space indispensable for a clinic. The colors of the clinic’s logo are also taken into account, by  choosing the red color as the  biding element on the clinic’s mobile furniture. The whole space is crossed by light lines, which start from the recesption and spread into the space like ray of light, directing the client from one diagnostic room to another.

Nesila Hajdini Architecture
Arkitekte Nesila Hajdini
The clinic is located in one of the highlighted neighborhoods of Tirana, though  not right by the main street, but with a high circualtion on path in front of it.
To create a game between the outside and the inside, the waiting area is separated from the street by a vertical, semi-transparent structure. This choice  dims life inside the clinic, as seen  from the outside and still provides some intimancy for the patients.
Arkitekte Nesila Hajdini
Due to its location, not on the verge of the main, the client request was to make  main façade be as visible as possible from a distance. This demand, in addition of the light compostion in the  interior design, was reinforced by bringing an artistic  showcase, conceived with glass sculptures made by glass craftsman Vasil Dhiamanti. The eye’s IRIS  comes abstracted with all the colors, shades, transparency that follows life inside the clinic to another artistic dimension.
Glass Design detail
Arkitekte Nesila Hajdini

These glass sculptures, positioned where the only natural light source is, transform the interior through the color dance emited under the effects of changing sunlight.

Nesila Hajdini Architecture
Nesila Hajdini Architecture

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