Indoor Plants Decoration Tips

Indoor Plants Decoration Tips

We have written many articles about interior design trends. Among all the decoration tips, one was in every trend:  PLANTS. And this is the subject of our article. Every interior design must include plants in it. They not only add colors to the house, but they give life to the room and tranquility to the spirit. Plants are a perfect decoration tool and you can use them as a styling detail among your house decor. Here are some ways how to use plants as decoration.

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1. Create a living wall

You can turn your gallery wall  in a true art space. Give your wall a fresh feeling by adding some living, breathing greenery. A liveable shelf is better than a traditional one, if you fill it with hanging plants too.

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2. Bring nature in

Are you very into nature? Create an indoor forest with oversized plants, combined with earth toned furniture. Make yourself comfortable in your living room, breathing in fresh air, and you would never want to go out again.

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3. Keep your desk on point

Potted plants can live a long time and they are a design feature on your furniture. Use them on your desk or dining room tables as living, breathing decorations. If you require something small to spruce up a desk use a terrarium; the perfect home for tiny plants.

4. Hanging plants art

If you live in a small apartment, hanging plants are the perfect decoration because they don’t have a footprint. This way you save more space and give your interior an organic design. Hanging plants are the best choice for high ceilings too, choose the ones that makes the most of it.

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5.  Group pot plants

Grouping different species together on a hanging shelf or in a corner, is a great option that adds depth and diversity to a space. Use this tip if you’re short on surface space, or are simply looking to make more of a contemporary feature out of your house plants.

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6. Divide spaces

Walls and solid doors are so out of our intrests. Instead, divide spaces with a shelf full of plants, outlining different parts of a room and at the same time, giving more air and freshness to the space.

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7. Use large plants decoration

Bring a large plant next to your sofa as a decoration. It is often an area that can be neglected or it can be an a empty corner. A large plant dresses and makes the space living. Clusters of plants especially work well in room corners too, where nothing else fits, saving them for being wasted spaces.

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8.  Fill up kitchen with plants

The kitchen is the most important facility in the house, especially for a woman. To create a fresh space while cooking, pack out the corners with pots of easy-care, steam-loving evergreens. Paint the walls in a deep green and you’ll feel like you are cooking in a fresh open space.

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Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

According to San Diego Botanicals , these are the best indoor plants that you can use not only as home decor, but to purify the air too.

This petite plant’s waxy and colorful foliage is a striking detail to spice up your living room.

Boston fern
This delicate-looking lacy fern is actually pretty tough, and it will add a jazzy yet elegant touch to your home’s interior.

Culinary aficionado’s favorite house plant, mint is also a powerful insect repellant. On top of all that, its irresistible scent boosts brain power.

Weeping fig
This spectacular-looking tree-like plant is a must-have interior design element, in addition to its low-maintenance expectations and ability to improve indoor air quality.

Peace lily
Often voted one of the best indoor plants, Peace lily does not only boast gorgeous flowers, but also high efficiency at tackling airborne toxins.

Due to its extremely low care needs, incredible ability to eliminate formaldehyde from the air and beautifully variegated leaves, this trailing vine is everything you could look for in a plant.

Aloe vera
Easy to care for, this leafy succulent is well known for its amazing health benefits, among which is eliminating air toxins.

Spider plant
Although it’s best known as a decorative house plant, spider plant actually offers pure, toxin-free air and, in terms of care, has pretty modest expectations.

Snake plant
Extremely efficient at purifying air from toxins, this easy-maintenance plant with tall, snazzy leaves is the perfect addition to your badroom or bathroom.

Not only does this heart-shaped plant absorb air toxins, but it’s also easy to grow and maintain. On top of that, the climbing vine can transform any room from dull to lively.

English ivy
Besides being the number one air-filtering plant, English ivy is easy to grow and looks endlessly beautiful cascading from the floor.

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