Butterfly Chair by Almex Contract Furniture

Butterfly chair Almex Contract Furniture

Butterfly Chair by Almex Contract Furniture

The Butterfly Chair is one of the most recognised and iconic chairs in design history. You can find them in the lobbies of five-star hotels, on the front cover of luxury design publications and in the homes of the most stylish.
Its harmonious round edges and spacious nature allows the design to blend into any style of interior decoration. The design is an absolute must in the home of anyone who appreciates classical items of any kind. If you are only going to have one piece of classical furniture, it should be a Butterfly Chair.

The Butterfly Chair (also known as the BKF Chair, Hardoy Chair or Sling Chair) was designed in Argentina in 1938 by three relatively unknown architects – Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy.

The architects were working on an apartment building in Buenos Aires at the time and needed a chair to furnish the interior. Having recently become familiar with a folding-style chair used by the military called the Tripolina – a chair which they admired for its simplicity and portability – they created a design inspired by it, and the Butterfly Chair was born.

Because of the chair’s unusual shape and sling-like construction, it attracted a lot of media attention. One of the directors of the MoMA, Edgar Kaufmann Jr, became interested in the design and bought two of the three chairs the architects made. One went straight into the museum’s permanent collection, where it resides today. The second went to Kaufmann’s holiday home, Fallingwater, where it also still resides. And the third? Well, no-one knows, and it still hasn’t found to this day.

Butterfly Chair - Fallingwater Interior
One of the original Butterfly Chairs - Fallingwater Interior

The world has enjoyed more than 80 years of open rights to manufacture the classical masterpiece. Every producer makes it slightly different and there is really no “original” BKF today. It’s all about quality and comfort in the market.

If you want to determine if a BKF is good, you should look for quality and comfort, rather than originality. You want to be able to spend hours in your butterfly chair for many years and Almex Contract Furniture provides it.

Butterfly chair Almex Contract Furniture

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Images: cuerodesign.com

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