Joy coffee and cakes

Joy coffee and cakes

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Joy coffee and cakes
Aurora Baba
Aurora Baba
Rruga 5 maji, Concord center
Aurora Baba
Denisa Oruci

Light is one of the key elements that binds all the furniture and interior design together. Without a good study of the light,  the colors would be dull  and the dance of  harmony  in the space can not happen. Each space requires a unique understanding of its 3dimensional elements before coming up with any design conclusions.

The client request was to have a functional space that could integrate a range of services : focused on coffee, sweets and cakes as the main products, by keeping a clean layout of design.

The first thought that came in mind when visiting the project site was “to make it breath”. The rectangular space, with one facade opening at the end, gave shape to the tones and colors we decided to use for this space. Light colors needed to be the main theme with a shift from the dominant industrial style coffee shops in Tirana that we are experiencing in the late years.

Another important factor was the client’s budget. It suggested more of a minimalist cozy design strategy. To make the best out of it we decided to use mostly white, especially when it comes to the ceiling and the main wall elevation working as a bouncing plane for the natural light coming from the main window. We wanted to create a place of memory to wonder about so we agreed in using that space as a big canvas to put a unique touch. The left wall is covered in graffiti art while facing an engraved wall with small decorative patterns.

Furniture was selected to complete the identity of the space. Small elegants chairs, sofas and armchairs where selected with different textures dominated by blue, orange and green to brake down the main white areas.The same idea was followed for the light fixtures and sideboards.

Architect’s Profile

Aurora Baba is an architect with 10 years of working experience in Albania reflected in many projects from architectural design to construction management. She has covered different construction typologies, such are: Gyms, gas stations, residential houses, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, warehouses, multi functional buildings and interior design. Some of the project she’s been involved are Fitness bar Unik, Andy’s gym, Vila Gjecaj redesign, Tirana Cash and Carry, Big market, Unik retorant etj.

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