International Architecture Competitions: Sustainable Design Concepts

International Architecture Competitions: Sustainable Design Concepts

Competitions in which we are confronted with new challenges and competitive pressure are a means of finding ideas, dealing with innovative systems and consequently more intensive personal development. In the context of international competitions, we also immerse ourselves in new cultures and thus encounter new definitions and characterizations of architecture and space.

Here we present you three competitions which demand a creative and sustainable Design confronting with the Spirit of the Place…

Kurgi Observation Tower

For the Kurgi Observation Tower competition, participants are tasked with designing an observation tower on top of the hill of the Kurgi estate. It is a part of the ecotourism concept, offering guests a refuge from the busy city life, a chance to find harmony in the spectacular views of nature, and to provide them with therapeutic experiences with the horses. The Design will need to be both in keeping with the look and purpose of the North Latvia Biosphere Reserve, while having the potential to become an iconic landmark.


This competition is opened to everyone, architects, companies, students and also enthusiasts. It started 7th March 2020 and the registration is still possible until 8thJune2020. Please note that there is a participation fee of 140 USD, for students 120 USD. The project submission isuntil 16thJuly2020 (11:59pm GMT+0). 9th August 2020, the winners will be announced. A total prize fund of 7 000 USD will be awarded to 6 participants or participant teams and the construction costs will be covered.Moreover there are 6 honorable Mentions.

More informations and the registration:  beebreeders.com/architecturecompetitions/kurgitower

Imagine aneco-sustainable hospitality concept with its Country Club in Provence, South of France. The aim of the competition is to developan existing golf course into a verdant, fragrant garden where rosemary and thyme give golfers and non-golfers alike an opportunity to nourish their body and mind. Creating this mesmerizing atmosphere will be made possible by planting one million rosemary and thyme bushes around the golf area. Combining elements of architecture, landscape design, and nature the placeshall offer visitors holistic, authentic experiences and the opportunity to connect with their deeper selves, and with nature.


This idea competition is opened to everyone, architects, companies, students… The registration period is from 27th April 2020 to 17th May 2020. The material submission deadline is the22nd June2020 and 7th July 2020, the winners will be announced. A total prize fund of 20 000 EUR will be awarded to 5 participants or participant teams. All the awarded projects will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites.

More informations and the registration:  jardindevillarscontest.com

“City Puzzle & Puzzle City” Competition

Architecture in transformation should always respond to contemporary challenges and changes. The surprising similarities of modern cities across the planet deems it increasingly necessary to consider the impacts of growth on people and the environment. Thus, this year’s UIA HYP Cup competition,titled “City Puzzle and Puzzle City”, aims at searching and constructing a human space with a Spirit of the Place, exploring environment-friendly and sustainable ideas and integrating creative concepts with solid basic skills in architectural design. The site is in Yangliuqing (P. R. China),a market town with innovative strategies, partly primitive partly futuristic which shall also contribute as the trigger for the future urban prototypes, sparking further design thinking. The area’s main function should be focused on Media and Culture, at the same time providing mixed-used buildings with housing for around 8.000-32.000 inhabitants and green spaces.


The registration is possible until 30th August 2020 (24:00pm GMT+8) and the material submission until20th September 2020 (24:00pm GMT+8). In October 2020, the winners will be announced. A total prize fund of 140 000 RMB (approx. 21 000 USD) will be awarded to 12 teams and further several teams receive honorable Mentions.

More informations and the registration:  hypcup.uedmagazine.net/?r=site&en=1

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