An apartment full of life

An apartment full of life

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Ingrid Martin, an architect and interior designer, when getting a new project first studies the space. The organisational plan and the dynamics of moving around the facilities are essential for an interior project. The first confrontation is with the architectural structure, a new building, with contemporary parameters with a high level of finishes

The existing plan of the apartment did not match the lifestyle and requirements of the new residents, so it had to be redesigned so that the night and day zones could be separated.

One of the requirements of the apartment residents was that the cooking area could be apart from the living room area, separated by a door. That would make the living space not only feel smaller but also the person who would take care of the cooking to feel isolated from the rest of the house.

For this reason, it was decided that the wall that defined the cooking area in the original plan, to be replaced by a new one, but this time made of glass. It is about a big glass surface of unusual dimensions for an apartment: full 300 cm of length
This immediately gave the apartment a new breath to the day zone.

The first  space  of the apartment that  is presented  is the corridor, with a reduced size but lacking contours, is  perceived  larger than it actually is. This also comes with a whole folding mirror panel, which behind hides a shoe closet . Proper lighting and the selected chromatic palette  helped in making  this space very enjoyable.

Next, we move to the salon, where at the back of the large sofa, stands the large glass wall, which restricts cooking area, making the spaces merge with each other, and percieving the volume bigger than it is. The living area is compact but also loose, aimed for comfort, which is primary, but also for fluid circulation, as this space is the heart of the home.

In the extension of the salon, it comes in an open plan the dining area and a small library.

The cooking area is easily accessible, both from the living area and from the main entrance of the house.  For this space, it has been chosen for this space a modern, almost minimalist design, very clean in lines and volumes, with a rigorous rhythm of the folding dimensions. The sand color is what unifies the materials and gives it a light, transparent feel, almost as if suspended.

Martini Design Studio

Colors are a distinctive element of the architect, which is known for their bold and unusual selection. The color game is present in all three rooms and is accompanied by very elegant pastel tones.
Added to this is the high sensitivity to the selection of fabrics and upholstery, layered lighting, generating so balance but also a lot of warmth.


Ingrid Martini is an architect and interior designer, specialized in creating the interior design of the facility. With 17 years of experience in the field of interiors, with a wide variety of jobs that stand out in their variety and diversity. In the wide panorama of interior architects, Ingrid is undoubtedly a prominent and a very stylish voice.

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