How Light and Architecture Work Together

How Light and Architecture Work Together

Article: “Architecture and Light” – for Star People magazine
Author: Architect Junilda Karanxha

Seeing is the most potent and important sense through which we understand Architecture! Light plays a primary role in how we perceive  space’s shape, colors, materials; its intensity, strength and position directly affect the dramaticity of the form!


It is the natural force to which every architect is humbled and respected to the extreme. The project, its forms, are read, perceived, and ultimately judged by the way it faces light. It’s a force that architects are trying to “control” to create almost dramatic effects on the outside as well as on the interior, but of course the challenge is big!

It takes profound knowledge of what is without hesitation called “the science of enlightenment”! The form is important to read not only in its individual form but also in the relation it creates with the other forms that surround it!

Light can have extreme function: the best friend and worst enemy for an architect! It is the unique and most genuine filter in which the architecture takes form!

It is up to the architect how to use the light, remodel it, orient it where he wants it, change the form … turn it into MATERIAL – whether it be diffuse light, or – a stain on the floor, inside and out, in megahuman dimensions or design elements!


It is the light that we architects can “control”.
The light that wears architecture with great emotional value and helps create an experience.
There are 3 main aspects of Artificial Light in Architecture:


AESTHETICS is that part of the lighting that architects focus on with the aim of creating lighting balances in architecture so that people can focus on a particular space.

FUNCTION — apart from aesthetics, the functional aspect should never be overlooked — we want people to see! At any moment, the condition of sufficient visibility must be fulfilled either when moving from one interior to another or when walking around an architectural ensemble.

EFFICIENCY – the science of lighting evolves with galloping steps. In the era of “green” architecture, what is so innovative today can very quickly become “old fashioned”. We really want the dramatic effect to be breathtaking, but this is considered “successful” when its costs are efficient at times! This is why the Light Emitting Diode -LED technology has been widely used, successfully replacing fluorescence!

Source: Star People Magazine

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