Hotel Graçanica

Hotel Graçanica

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Hotel Graçanica
Prishtina, Kosovo
– m2
Atdhe Mulla

Hotel Gracanica is a project made possible by the investment of Wormser & Partner led by Andreas Wormser. The hotel investment is intended to provide a place for an archaeological park opposite relaxim “Ulpiana” and to encourage more tourism from abroad.

The architectural concept of the hotel is connected to “Parcour” spaces, which leads to a village with narrow, cobblestone streets, which is also associated with the atmosphere of a warm household. All this is summed up in a spatial constellation entirely through a minimalist architecture using simple lines and technical hand techniques of Kosovo. In addition, what sets this hotel apart from other hotels, is the journey guests take from the hotel enterance towards their rooms.

We have created a welcoming ambiance that is innovative and provides guests with their own unique paths towards their rooms. Some guests have to walk through yards, others through different special areas, and some need to take a brief walk outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way to their rooms. As such, each walk towards the rooms is enjoyable, warming, and unique; feelings which transcend into the overall experience of every guest.

All internal and external areas have  a unity in the materialization. They give an impression as if the internal spaces blend outside with nature, and in the outdoor areas they feel protected as being within the facility.

In collaboration with Kosovar craftsmen and their techniques, we have achieved modern architecture while also relying on some old-traditional material and have utilized them in a new and modern form. The architecture includes work with wood, stone, and textiles. All floor coverings such as interior and exterior have been covered with terrazzo.

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