Hotel Dajti Reconstruction Project

Hotel Dajti Reconstruction Project

After many years in total oblivion, and many controversies created, the reconstruction project of Hotel Dajti, one of the symbolic buildings of the capital, has finally started.

The Bank of Albania has selected Arch. Marco Petreschi, based on his experience of the realization and reconstruction of the central building of the Bank of Albania, where his project was the winner of the international competition.


The architecture of Hotel Dajti belongs to monumental rationalism, a modern architecture style of the beginning of the twentieth century which has operated for a very short time in Europe.

European rationalism by definition is not monumental, it was even against monumentalism. And only in the period of fascism was it possible to have a marriage of these two different things, which on one hand was monumentalization inherited from the classical period and on the other was rationalism which is submited to logic. These two architectures were comforted by each other only by the architects of Mussolini.

From the architect. The project implemented on the existing facility could not bypass the dialogue between its previous existence with the necessary new intervention, to allow the survival of the facility.

This dialogue was developed not only through the restoration of all characteristic elements that make a building a historic one, but also through the implementation of proper interventions through the placement of new facilities, which adhered to the characteristic elements that are able to maintain continuity with the original palimpsest.

Source: marcopetreschi.com

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