HODA – House of Design Albania

HODA – House of Design Albania

What is HODA?

HODA, an acronym for House Of Design Albania, is a new initiative that aims to turn into a habitat where designers’ ideas combine with the practice of furniture manufacturing masters, finishing or refining according to artisanal techniques of decorative and artistic products. The aim is to bring authentic Albanian products to market through ethnographic and architectural elements of Albanian landscapes in design products. We see this as a great way to position our country in the world of creative industry and promote it internationally. This initiative belongs to a broader portfolio of brands and companies under the name MAD Bazar.

What is its peculiarity?

The peculiarity of HODA is that the final products are considered Albanian product. Due to our country’s production capacities for raw materials or various accessories, HODA categorizes its products into Made in Albania Products and Designed in Albania products. Made in Albania products are products that have a concept inspired by traditional or vernacular architecture and use local resources for each process. Designed in Albania products are products that have a concept inspired by traditional or vernacular architecture, but whose origins or accessories are partially or fully imported. In the long run, the aim is to dominate Made in Albania products.

How was the concept born?

HODA is conceived by an Albanian architect, educated in the West and passionate about entrepreneurship and the creative industry. Weighing and appreciating the potential that Albania has in this sector, both in human and production resources, he was convinced that HODA as an initiative would be a catalyst for the revitalization and stimulation of local products. This was achieved through curation, creation and close collaboration with artisans, the manufacturing industry and creative individuals, including architects. For him HODA is a “retail brand” with the real potential to be recognized not only locally but internationally. A big room – “ODË” that welcomes all Albanian creativity and production.  It iwas officially opened to the public on November 14, 2019. For the HODA design team, this concept has been seen as a “genius locus” in the Tirana Fortress premises.

What products can we find in the HODA premises?

The products found in HODA are grouped into 3 main categories:

-Furniture products, which include desks, chairs, armchairs, sofas, mirrors, glass / clay / wood plates and similar products of this range.

-Artistic and decorative products that definitely include works in pottery or ceramics, as well as decorative products made of wood, metal, mud, resin etc.

– Raw materials and design accessories for handicrafts.

How do you find artisans and collaborators?

It has been nearly a year of research work to find and create a deal with artisans and producers who know the craft techniques and can pass down through the generations. During this period, a good group of artisans and manufacturers has been established. They cover all categories of products that HODA offers to its customers. However, we never line up looking for new sources in individuals, raw materials or potential partnerships.

The design is created by you or the artisans themselves?

There are different authors of the designs. We should note that at HODA we are also trying to educate the public that not every handmade work is a craft or a work of art. There are some criteria to be categorized. When it comes to furniture or decorative products, a significant part of the products that are physically located in HODA, are designed by the authors themselves. These products have been selected by the design team and the Product Designers team to be exposed to our environment. There are several decorative products that have been requested by these teams and have been implemented in collaboration with the authors. The products are continuously designed by:

– the Product Designers team, which conduct a preliminary market research until it comes to a final product

– artisans and partner designers only, although the products are selected

– the customers themselves through the assistance of the designer, who must understand and produce the final product what the client requires

– art works, which are certainly the inspiration of the artists.

Where can clients and architects find you?

Except the Tirana Fortress premises, they can also contact us o social media under the name of HODA – House of Design Albania and on our website www.hoda.al. (The site is currently being processed, will be active soon and will be notified.)

How do you see the future of HODA?

As a country buzzing with ideas and facing realization challenges, HODA has many plans for its future, let’s say one of them is to be at international fairs as an Albanian retail brand in the sector we belong to.

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