Founding partner of the Archea firm, Marco Casamonti graduated with honours in 1990, winning a competition announced by the architecture faculty of Genoa the following year and receiving a study grant within the context of the PhD in architectural planning. In 1988 he founded the Archea firm together with Laura Andreini and Giovanni Polazzi. Various teams of designers work for the firm, which has branches in Florence, Rome, Milan and abroad in Dubai, Beijing and San Paolo; the total number of architects varies from 80 to 110 persons. The firms conducts planning and research activities in the fields of architecture, town planning, landscape design and industrial design; in the latter sector Casamonti acts as art director for some of the leading manufacturers of architecture and building components.

New National Stadium of Albania

A stadium proposed as a multifunctional building must be conceived as a mechanism capable of ‘working‘ perfectly, ensuring in every circumstance the total separation of flow and activity, so that the coexistence and simultaneity of events is always guaranteed and safe in every situation. Therefore, its layout plan must be clear, the accesses easily identifiable, outflows rapid and, therefore, entrances and exits must be well distributed and distinguishable from the entrances of the other private activities involved.

Antinori in the Chianti Classico

The site is surrounded by the unique hills of Chianti, covered with vineyards, half-way between Florence and Siena. The functional aspects have therefore become an essential part of a design itinerary which centres on the geo-morphological experimentation of a building understood as the most authentic expression of a desired symbiosis and merger between anthropic culture, the work of man, his work environment and the natural environment.

CDD Daily Center for Disability

The project area is a plot behind a nursery school, alongside an area which will become a public park, located in a disorganised residential area. The functional program, aimed at disabled persons, features primary and complementary activities  classrooms and workshops  conceived as the structures which are essential to the conduction of the socio-educational activities associated with the presence of disabled people.

Santo Stefano | Rehabilitation institute

The project for this building, intended for healthcare and social services, is called Hall F; it is the final piece to complete the historic complex of the Santo Stefano Institute of Rehabilitation in Porto Potenza. The project is part of a broader redevelopment plan for the complex’s interior and exterior with the goal of modernizing the facility to bring it in line with the high level of the services it provides.

4 Evergreen Tower

The design  of the tower that Archea proposed for the competition fits into the context, taking on the lines of the surrounding city for the principle direction of its composition. The tower takes a minimal amount of public space on the ground through a well-considered narrowing of the structure at the base, and symmetrically, a clear widening of the peak section, giving the total a marked sculptural effect.

Source: archea.it

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