Ignacio Vicens y Hualde is an architect by Madrid School of Architecture ETSAM since 1976. He is Chair Professor in Architectural Design at ETSAM since 1997, where he is also director of Cátedra Blanca CEMEX and the research group “Cultura del Habitat”. Vicens has an architecture studio, which he shares with his former student José Antonio Ramos since 1984.  His work, worldwide explained in many lectures, has also been widely published in architecture journals around the world and received many distinctions and awards. Besides combining education and professional exercise, he has ensured an active presence in the cultural world.

Single-Family Home in Las Encinas

Conceived as a “geode”, the massiveness it presents with its large blasted granite cladding contrasts with the glass, which appears as a “hole within a rock, covered by a generally crystallized substance”. Nevertheless, this “geode” is not natural. Instead, the hand of man intervenes in it, and leaves its mark with the vertical fissures found on the blasted granite…

Parish Church of Santa Monica

The generating idea of the project was that of situating, within the confusion of the surrounding urban environment, a building that would mark a milestone and become a continuos testimony to the spiritual function produced in its interior, and which must necessarily spread and manifest itself permanently to the nearby social and urban medium.

Ponferrada Church

The fundamental premise of the project has been the faithful implementation of all the functional and symbolic requirements demanded by the new provisions adopted by the liturgical reform. The chapel is presented as the protagonist of the set. It is located at the point of maximum visibility and accessibility, facing a Rose Garden.

Parish Church of Solace

This parish center is located on a corner plot in a residential area. The extended side is situated in front of a green zone and the lateral side faces residential buildings. The rest of the surroundings are still undeveloped. On the north side, the entire surface which coincides with the length of the structure is occupied by an English style garden at the height of the basement, to allow light and ventilation and give a courtyard that can be accessible by the public.

House of Pantano de San Juan

This is a weekend house, therefore it was asked of us to incorporate a controlled and manageable security system. In fact it is almost a concrete bunker, inaccessible and blinded from outsiders except the glass spaces which are high enough to pose no safety issues. In its exterior appearance the house is extraordinarily simple, it has a rectangular ground plan which gives natural solutions to the complexity of the program.

Integrated Social Services Center

The building is situated on the Rambla, with access from both lateral streets. It will be accompanied by a future theater and a library which has already been built. The area has been slowly consolidating with the construction of high-density social housing, giving it a very important sense of scale.

Faculty of social sciences in Pamplona

Although designed as a faculty of journalism, the new building should allow the use of classroom theory by students from other disciplines. Due to the location of the power within the university campus, the order included the initial design of a place of union of all buildings, and also envisaged the expansion of the library.

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