Frédéric Druot (born January 1958) is a French architect, graduated from the School of Architecture of Bordeaux in 1984. He was awarded the Album of the young Architecture in 1990 and went on to found the agency Frédéric Druot Architecture in Paris in 1991.

Frédéric Druot Architecture research is undertaken into the attering of context, scale and cost-effectiveness in new buildings and/or the transformation of preexisting ones. His work covers a wide range of fields and topics, as for cultural buildings, offices, as well as housing. Works are recently completed: the Refurbishment of the Hospital Laennec Paris 7 for the Group Kering’s headoffice, the metamorphosis of Tour Bois le Prêtre with Lacaton & Vassal, the restaurant of the new Philharmonie of Paris, the offices for the IFCIC Institut for the financing of cinema and cultural industries, the transformation of 530 dwellings at the Cité du Grand Parc, Bordeaux, in association with Lacaton & Vassal and Hutin, the study “Plus + Paris”, a strategy for densification and actualisation of the inhabitability of city: 1648 urban situations, 450 000 existing dwellings renovated and transformed + 135 000 additional new dwellings.

Transformation of 530 dwellings – Grand Parc Bordeaux

The project consists in the transformation of 3 social housing’s buildings of 530 dwellings. Built in the early 60’s, they needed a renovation after their demolition has been ruled out. The transformation of the dwellings full occupied, starts from the interior, to give them new qualities: more space, more light, more view, and upgrade the facilities.

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Transformation of Tour Bois-le-Prêtre Housing Block

Built in the early 60s along the ring road on the northern periphery of Paris, this high-rise block of 16 storeys contains 96 apartments. Instead of demolition, which was the first option that was considered, a project of transformation of the existing building was decided upon. The project proposed a generous expansion of the apartments. On each level, new flooring which was built as a self-supporting structure was added onto the entire periphery of the tower. This design strategy allowed for the extension of all the rooms by creating closable terraces that could act as winter gardens as well as balconies for each unit.

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“Le Balcon”, Philharmonie of Paris

The restaurant project is part of the spectacular space of Level 6 of the Philharmonie created by Jean Nouvel. The space overlooks the canopy of the Parc de la Villette, where a magical view of Paris emerges. This view and the light offered are the constituent geography of a project attentive to the aesthetic and technical spatial context of a remarkable project. The project optimizes the maximum of the volumes capable, the maximum of views offered and the maximum of possible surface.

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Laennec Rive Gauche, Paris 7

The project concerns the transformation of the historic buildings of the old Laennec Hospital into offices for the headquarters of Kering and Balenciaga. KERING wishes that the identity of the places are in agreement and in correspondence with the spirit of the group, revealing of a true spirit of house: either an identifiable and astonishing unit (not ordinary).

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IFCIC Institut

Located in the calm of the bright 2nd floor of a bourgeois building on rue Chaussée d’Antin, the offices of the IFCIC, Institute for the Financing of Cinema and Cultural Industries, are spread over an area of ​​500m². The office space accommodates 25 workstations, reception, meeting room and office. The glass partitions on all the offices receive an original serigraphy designed for the project.

Arkitekt Frédéric Druot

Source: druot.net

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