Gifts Ideas for Architects

Gifts Ideas for Architects

Architects and interior designers can be difficult to buy gifts for. They pay so much attention to detail and style that it’s intimidating to get them anything. Are you looking for the perfect festive gift for the architect in your life?  Whatever you have in mind, we’ve come up with a guide to the best architecture gifts that the architects and designers are sure to love.

Joseph Dalton
  1. Lego

Which profession would allow you to play with Lego as a legitimate source of inspiration? Architects can use their imagination in this game, which is designed to provide them a perception of real life buildings.

LEGO Architecture Studio 21050 Playset

2. Leather case

Keep their commute just as stylish as their designs with a leather laptop carrying case that’s large enough to fit cards, pens, pencils, and essential cords along with their laptop, tablet, or sketch book. Or, if they already have a large bag, a smaller folio that’s just large enough for a phone, a few writing tools, and a notebook might be all they need.


3. Business Card Holder

A minimal matte black pocket business card holder looks far more sophisticated and professional than fishing around through a bag and pulling out a crinkled card.

Partstock Premium Ultrathin Business Card Holder

4. Architectural model

An architectural gift guide wouldn’t be complete without a lovingly recreated mini version of a building everyone knows and loves. An architectural model of their favorite city from above will help keep them inspired and liven up their living or work space. If they have a favorite famous building, a simple white model of it would also make a great addition to their art collection.

Chisel & Mouse

5. Illustrated Cards and Art prints

What says ‘holiday cheer’ more than an illustrated hollyday card? And what could be more architectural than an illustrated buiding print? Find a copy of their favorite building or structure and you’ve just secured yourself best gift of the year.  Go for a more simple look with some minimal prints of famous houses and buildings from around the world.

Yoni Alter

6. Books

Although there’s plenty of architectural and interior design inspiration online, there’s something special about holding an actual book and flipping through its pages. Regardless of their tastes or style you’re sure to find an architectural book that they’ll enjoy. A beautiful book full of beautiful monochrome interiors will not only inspire the interior designers in your life but will add a touch of elegance to their coffee tables as well.

Small Architecture Now! by Philip Jodidio

7. Desk Accessories

With all the time they spend sitting at a desk sketching, planning, and emailing, it’s important that your architect or designer love their space and the things they create with. Help them create the ultimate desk space with some minimal and functional office products. A concrete desk set with a pen holder, tape dispenser, and phone stand will help keep their space clutter free and stylishly organized.

22 Design Studio

8. Watercolor markers, pens or pencil box

Good writing utensils are an essential tool in the architect and designer pencil box. Brass pens, pencils, and stands are an elegant gift that will help to create beautiful buildings, structures, and rooms. Elegant brass pens add a sophistication to any designer or architects arsenal of writing utensils and will probably result in elegant designs and ideas as well.

Watercolor markers give artists a more precise way of adding color to their designs and are much easier to carry around than sets of watercolor paints.

Watercolour Markers Set by Winsor & Newton

9. Creative+Fun books

Just because they’re adults working important adult jobs, doesn’t mean they don’t still enjoy a bit of creativity just for the fun of it. A coloring book is a great way to give your architect or designer an excuse to sit down, chill out, and create things that are just for them. It cities will give your architect a break from designing and instead let them paint the town.

Fantastic Cities A Coloring Book of Amazing Places Real and Imagined by Steve McDonald

10. Personalized accessories

Even if it is a t-shirt, a cushion, a coffee mug or pencils, translating drawings or architect’s quotes into textiles and accessories is always a good idea.


Source: contemporist.com

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