Gatsby eat&drink

Gatsby eat&drink

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Gatsby eat&drink
V arkitekturë studio
Valon Bllaca
Prizren, Kosovo
453 m2

Adria-7 lighting, NOVA furniture, Caris furniture, Kreativ Qeramika, Imazh Mermer, ADP METAL, Zinkunie, VMI plast,

The building finds place in Shadervan, the most attractive and visited square of the city.
Inspired by the novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby”  as well as the complex geometry of the existing facility and the long history of the buildings in this area, all this combined have become key focus points during design development for ‘Gatsby eat & drink’.
The ultimate interior is lightweight/minimalist influenced from Art Deco style representing, luxury, fascination, abundance and confidence in social progress.

The building where Gatsby grows today, was used as commodity house and has had various intervention, since its “notorious” construction in the 70s in former Yugoslavia, nowadays Gatsby it is back with a nature in harmony with the flow of the city, full of dynamism, beauty and elegance.

Prizren was historically known for different kinds of crafts, this developed the culture of Cafe’s, tea-houses, and Pubs. The tradition of handwork (Lace) and filigree as an expression of self-taught art, without any specific education, it is brought back by the sculptor Arben Bajo into his bassorillievo mural, with a very good combination of plastic and traditional elements so the visitors will be in touch with the cultural heritage of the city.
Located in the double-height space of the bar, the whole composition stands out as a magnificent spectacle.

This intervention or interior brings harmonious integration of architecture, design, painting, sculpture and craftsmanship through collaboration between artists and architect, turning the space into a mini art-gallery.
The cafe position itself is a continuation of the Shadervan square which attracts curious visitors not only for having a drink but for contemplating, discussing and enjoying a space of art.

The bar it is placed on the ground floor, creating the space  to move in both sides of it this helps visitors to be easily oriented, vertical movement is visible from each of the ground floor entrance, due to a highly designed and crafted metal panel that also attracts public attention.

Each part speaks its own language and everything flows with dynamism mystery and thirst to discover and enjoy more. The texture balance and colors makes refinements melt between them, creating a warm and relaxing environment. Ceiling luminaries are like a hanging installation, the dark color of the ceiling creates the illusion of an even higher space.

The mostly used materials are marble, iron and wood, set up too the right extent trying to avoid an aesthetic cacophony for the eye. Ornaments used in the ground floor, classic furniture, are exciting to convey the nature of the cafe.
The mural made by Kushtrim Istrefi brings a contemporary contemplation inspired by the beauty of the traditional albanian woman.

Large windows or large openings in the facade, follow natural light, perform two-way ventilation and create a splendid view over the Lumbardh River, the Castle and beyond the fabulous Sharr mountains. The exterior of the building is conceived as minimalist, without ornaments but elegant and clean, adapting to the rules of cultural heritage of the city.

Gatsby today has a soul, it a place were the reader,  the artist, the student finds himself, it has already turned into a meeting place, into a an open museum for everyone and at any time.

This project is important to be presented to the Biennale because it brings to the attention a very good intervention and functionality of unused objects in the city.
it is worth emphasizing that the architect besides optimizing and regulating this space with full of charm and style, insists on the transmission of beauty, comfort, freedom, meeting place art and crafts to the society. The alienation of space not only as a Cafe but also transmitting art at individuals. the essence is not only at the interior, the wall but the energy, perception and the feeling that the you experience when you find yourself within the space.

This project supports cooperation between the client, the architect and the artist, it is a novelty in its content and in its ideas disclosure, an example where every detail is taken into account and adopted into the context, with the reason to attract the public constantly.

V Arkitekturë studio is an office in the field of architecture, design, urban planning and interior design, established in 2017 in Prizren,Kosovë.

Extracting what is unique in each project from an environmental, geographic, cultural and historic context is at the core of VAS´s design approach. As a result, each project provides a unique experience for its users while fulfilling the client’s utmost interests.

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