SMEG 50′ Style Fridges

SMEG 50′ Style Fridges

Round shapes, chrome details and bright colors make any space full of style and character, captivating fashion and design enthusiasts.

50′ Style

The Smeg 50 ‘style range features undoubtedly first-rate designs, classic, curved lines and vibrant colors, perfectly combined with innovative technology features.

FAB28 with its strong personality and unique style is the forerunner of the 50s style that has become such a reference point in contemporary finishing. Its sinuous and vintage lines have turned an essential item into a classic that can find its perfect setting in any style of house. Smeg has also developed a range of other appliances with exactly the same theme and of course with the best quality: refrigerators in different sizes and with different capacities, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers. Always evocative and eclectic, they are the bearers of Made in Italy quality and design standards, which are famous all over the globe for their combination of art and functionality.

Source: smeg.com

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