Architecture without boundary!

Piketakim, arkitektura pa kufij!

Architecture without boundary!

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Pikëtakim nr.4

Architecture without boundary!
17/12/2019 7:00 pm, @arkspace

Pikëtakim comes this last time for 2019.
We have a new but very innovative studio this time: Studio Createur!
With two offices, one in the US and Tirana, studio comes from various disciplines that span over the built and digital medium.

Beside, Design as one of the main services which includes Architectural and Interiors project, the studio provides Graphic services such as branding, marketing and web design.
The whole cycle is are closed with Professional Visualization services : rendering, animation and VR (Vital Reality)

We will introduce you Dromeas Albania, the office design and realization company that will provide you some valuable tips and concrete examples for offices design. environment.

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