Preserving Western Balkans Festival

Preserving Western Balkans Festival

Preserving Western Balkans' Festival

Event Start Date:2020-10-15Event End Date:2020-10-18Event Venue:Preservingwb.cityOn October 15, 16, 17, 18, will be held the ‘Preserving Western Balkans’ Festival , a four-day event with activities dedicated to Open Source platforms, neglected architecture and collective architectural memory of two cities, Tirana and Pristina. The festival will be organized in the form of presentations, workshops, videos of [...]read morePreserving Western Balkans Festival

(Shqip) Emin Riza, Aleksandër Meksi dhe Pirro Thomo nderohen me çmimin “Mjeshtër në Arkitekturë”

Cmimi Mjeshter ne arkitekture

Event Start Date:2020-09-29Event End Date:2020-09-29Event Venue:ATRIUMI I HAPUR I MUZEUT KOMBËTAR TIRANËSorry, this entry is only available in Shqip.

International Design Competition for the Central City Square of Rahovec

International Design Competition for the Central City Square of Rahovec

Event Start Date:2020-09-01Event End Date:2020-11-16Event Venue:Rahovec, KosovoThe International Design Competition for Central City Square of Rahovec is organized within the project Leading Urban Change in Rahovec through revitalization of the Central City Square. The project is funded by the Municipality of Rahovec and implemented with the technical support of UN-Habitat. The main purpose of the [...]read moreInternational Design Competition for the Central City Square of Rahovec

BigSEE Interior Design Awards 2020


Event Start Date:2020-05-20Event End Date:2020-07-20Event Venue:Ljubljana, SloveniaBigSEE Interior Design Awards recognise and expose excellence in interior design from Southeast Europe. Entrants are allowed to submit architecture project based in the region Southeast Europe that have been completed within the last two years. Eligibility – Projects can be entered by architects from anywhere in the world as [...]read moreBigSEE Interior Design Awards 2020

Webinar for outdoor lighting 

webinar mbi ndricimin me abiessen

Event Start Date:2020-06-18Event End Date:2020-06-18Event Venue:zomWe will bring you some tips for lighting outdoor environments especially after experiencing an unusual situation when the outdoor played and important role on our wellbeining. Also the fact that during spring and summer we spend most of our time in these environments and their use should be as much [...]read moreWebinar for outdoor lighting 

Webinar – Project Management

Event Start Date:2020-05-21Event End Date:2020-05-21Event Venue:ZoomProject Management Webinar  by Arch. Gjergj Zhebo, who will speak about his experience and knowledge in project management. At a time when projects are becoming more and more complex, their management has become a utilitarian good through which we can optimize processes in our daily work life as well as [...]read moreWebinar – Project Management

International Student Competition “City Puzzle & Puzzle City”

Event Start Date:2020-04-24Event End Date:2020-08-30Event Venue:hypcup.uedmagazine.netArchitecture in transformation should always respond to contemporary challenges and changes.The surprising similarities of modern cities across the planet deems it increasingly necessary to consider the impacts of growth on people and the environment. Thus, this year’s UIA HYP Cup competition,titled “City Puzzle and Puzzle City”, aims at searching and [...]read moreInternational Student Competition “City Puzzle & Puzzle City”

Jardin de Villars Contest

Event Start Date:2020-04-27Event End Date:2020-05-17Event Venue:jardindevillarscontest.comImagine an eco-sustainable hospitality concept with its Country Club in Provence, South of France. The aim of the competition is to developan existing golf course into a verdant, fragrant garden where rosemary and thyme give golfers and non-golfers alike an opportunity to nourish their body and mind. Creating this mesmerizing [...]read moreJardin de Villars Contest

Kurgi Observation Tower Competition

Event Start Date:2020-03-07Event End Date:2020-06-08Event Venue:beebreeders.comKurgi farm, owned by the young couple Kristaps and Laura, is located in the North Latvia Biosphere Reserve. The Reserve is one of the most beautiful and scenic locations in Northern Europe and listed as a nature conservation area by UNESCO. Kurgi Farm’s primary focus is horse breeding for the Latvian Ardennes, [...]read moreKurgi Observation Tower Competition

Live Webinars: Transforming the World Through Architecture

Event Start Date:2020-04-14Event End Date:2020-04-23Event Venue:SHARE ArchitectsSHARE Architects launches the series of live webinars under the generic theme Transforming the World Through Architecture. Thus, between April and June, online events are scheduled, weekly with international guests who will have lectures and debates on the following topics: Architecture in post-pandemic era, How should architects play their [...]read moreLive Webinars: Transforming the World Through Architecture


Event Start Date:2020-04-05Event End Date:2020-04-05Event Venue:zoom: 486882766Intro In a world that is rapidly changing the construction industry has not been left aside. Architecture as a fundamental part of the industry is being affected by the new trends in software, methodology and data analyzation. During this workshop, we will explore how technology has become an integrated [...]read moreTECHNOLOGY IN ARCHITECTURE


Preserving Western Balkans call

(Shqip) ë 20,21 dhe 22 Mars në Tiranë zhvillohet eventi 3-ditor për projektin 'PreservingWB' dhe në Prill në qytetin e Prishtinës. Projekti konsiston në dokumentim përmes platformave me burim të hapur (open source), e sa më shumë ndërtesave arkitektonike dhe historike të mundshme në Tiranë dhe Prishtinë. Ju mund të mësoni më shumë rreth platformave me burim të hapur, si të punoni me to, vizita në terren në këto ndërtesa dhe të mësoni nocione themelore për fotografinë arkitektonike, nga mentorët dhe profesionistët e këtyre fushave.


Let's introduce you to TEPE HOME, a worldwilde known Turkish company, focused on home furniture and decor!


The SHARE Forum’s spirit resides in the idea of connecting people through architecture, sharing concepts and initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe to bring architecture to a more social sensitive level.

Architecture without boundary!

Piketakim, arkitektura pa kufij!

Pikëtakim, is an event between architects in order to share their experiences among by getting to know their work. A way to get to know each other and create a network of proffesionals in this field.

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