Castiglioni Products

Castiglioni Products

Achille Castiglioni had a unique approach to design as most of his work is marked by being practical, smart and very playful. Throughout his career he designed products that would leave a smile or pleasant thought to those who experienced them, whether these products were radios, vacuum cleaners, tables, chairs, or lights; all of them had the Achille aura.  Below we present you a list with some designs of Achille Castiglioni products that you will be able to see very soon in Archispace.


From A. Casiglioni: “We were thinking about a lamp that shines light onto table. They already existed, but you had to walk round them. To leave enough space around the table, the base had to be at least two meters away. Which was how the idea for Arco came into being”. Despite its stunning measurements, the famous arc light Arco from the Italian manufacturer Flos captivates the viewer with elegant minimalism. A true cult icon desigend by Achille Castiglioni in 1962, the floor lamp stands for sublime understatement and accentuating zone lighting.


In the Castiglioni brothers original design, the iconic bowl reflector was made of transparent plastic. This idea was discarded though because the heat emitted by the incandescent light source deformed the plastic material. The prototype was then developed and produced by Flos in 1962, with its famous big blown glass bowl. Thanks to the use of a cutting-edge LED light source is now possible to edit a new version of Taccia with a transparent plastic diffuser that accurately faithful to the original concept.


The Frisbi Suspension Lamp was created by Achille Castiglioni in 1978, for Italian lighting manufacturer Flos. The function of this lamp is to illuminate directly the top of the table, with a precise light cone, emitting a diffused and reflected light: all by one single bulb.  With its chrome reflector and opal diffuser, the Frisbi Suspension Lamp can deliver direct, diffused and reflected light. With its three fine steel cables, the unit can be suspended from any ceiling. It can thus be positioned as needed in any room or space, allowing users to create lighting solutions to their exact requirements.


Ceiling lamp that creates an uniform direct light on various heights. The body of the lamp is designed to permit multiple solutions. Every system of lamps is composed by a cylindric metal lamp-hanger with the truncated conic head, and it’s protected by a transparent sanded glass cone with a sanded extremity, in order not to blind the user, where there is a silicon shockproof ring. The choice of a ceiling lamp with many light points is a reference to the chandelier designed by Achille’s father Giannino in the 30s , which he redesigend in 1996 for Flos.


The Toio floor lamp was designed by the Castiglioni brothers, Achille and Pier, for the Italian manufacturer Flos: a classic since 1962!
Toio convinces with its memorable design in an intentionally industrial look. Its unique outer appearance distinguishes the Toio Floor Lamp from a simple article of daily use and makes it a design object, which sets a stylish accent in the living room, dining room, or office. Its indirect lighting creates a comfortable room atmosphere and lights up the room like an uplight. Toio has the magic of a toy, which is how it got its name.


In 1970 Zanotta put the “springy metal seat”, metaphorically named “Mezzadro” into production, that the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni designed in 1957 (together with the Sella seat, in production since 1983) for the exhibition “Shapes and colours in today’s homes” organized in Como. Mezzadro is a loud and clear message of freedom to define the domestic spatial environment.

On November 8, Master Castiglioni creativity will be represented in a unique way for the first time in Albania, by his daughter Giovana Castiglioni, through an open lecture at the Polytechnic University of Tirana.

Also the above mentioned products, you will be able to see in Archispace.

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