New Municipality Building – International Competition

New Municipality Building – International Competition

With the organization of an international competition, Municipality of Tirana aims to enrich architectonic and urban values, translating need for new spaces and institutional coordination into a powerful institutional, cultural, social and recreation center, where civic inter-action will be encouraged and promoted in a new space, which reflects the feeling of new relations between the administration and citizen and between institutions and public, or even between public and demands, goals or their needs.

This project is part of an overall vision for transformation of the center of capital and philosophy of functioning and improvement of relations between public and private parties, in order to enable improvement of life conditions, physical and geographical relation between the house, work, institution, culture and recreation. Such a new relation is created and held with the help of a significant transformation project of urban center of the capital in extension of Central Boulevard of Tirana toward the northern part of the city, aiming to positively and forever transform the city. The new zone affected by projects consists of a great potential for urban requalification, through a new urban development language with new institutional spaces, cultural, social and recreation services.

In this respect, encouragement for completion of a new institutional center of Tirana Municipality at the new axis of Tirana Boulevard, it is not only a calls for creation of contemporary venues for a public administration, which is strongly calling the new voice of social and cultural inter-action between the institution and public, but it is also a call for an ever-lasting urban transformation of the capital.


1. Local and foreign studios with a notable experience in the field of architecture, urban design or even planning.
2. Studios must be registered or recognized by an official accreditation body in the country of applicants’s origin, or if the recognition or registration is not applicable by law, then the applicant must be member of a professional institution in the country of origin.
3. All applicants shall provide testimony of the validity of their professional registration, recognition or membership in the Declaration of the Team Composition.
4. Each team shall include in its team at least: one architect, landscape architect, civil engineer and a quantity surveyour. All members of the team shall be identified in the Declaration of Team Composition.
5. All members of the team shall be identified in the Declaration of Team Composition.

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Registration deadline: 05.02.2020, 24.00 (local time)
Short list announcement/ Phase 1: 07.02.2020, 24.00 (local time)
Deadline/ Phase 2: 29.03.2020, 24.00 (local time)


1st Place – 15 000 €
2nd Place – 10 000
3rd Place- € 5 000 €

Source: http://competitions.tirana.al/

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