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ArtSpace Home

When was Artspace Home born and who is the creative person behind this Brand?

Artspace Home was born in 2015 and was founded by Feridiola Berberi. Her connection with art began at the age of six. Feridiola has lived in Florence for 25 years, where she completed all her studies starting from elementary school, high school at the Florence Institute of Art, expanding her knowledge for a year in the restoration of two-dimensional works and then studying Industrial Design at the University of Architecture in Florence.

What contains your range of creations?

Along my artistic path I dedicated myself to various creations, including here a collection of minimal leather bags made entirely of leather, produced in Albania.

Which are the techniques that you use to do your art?

Usually, I use mixed techniques. Training at the art institute made me familiar with many different techniques including: acrylic, oil, egg tempera, painting on glass, painting on plexiglass, tromp l’oeil, fake marble, fake wood, quadrature, watercolors, ink, gold or other metals, serigraphy, wood carving, engraved zinc plates, printing with acquaforte, lithography, clay sculptures, two-dimensional sculptures, prints in fabric, etc …

Your art is very popular, and not only in Albania. In which countries is Artspace Home already located?

This brand is also known as “meHo Firenze” in 112 countries. It is me that stands behind the brand as an artist and Creative director. Last year, meHo was present at the Indecor Fair and at the Salone del Mobile in Moscow, Russia. The brand is currently active in Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kosovo and Macedonia.

You can also find my paintings at the Santa Maria Novella train station or at the Ponte a Nuccheri Hospital in Florence.

Your paintings are abstract. Where do you get your inspiration from, since you make new collections every season?

The paintings are designed as a collection of high fashion clothes. Each collection consists of passion, research, travel, studies on new furnishing trends, studies on natural elements that are stylized and transformed into abstract and material forms. I make 4 collections a year of 40 pieces each, where the color palettes change like the seasons.

The purpose of my art is to create harmony between the architect’s project and abstract art. Paintings should cover the walls and complete their work.

How can architects complete their creations with your art, where can they find you?

All architects can search the PDF catalog of collections and JPG images of various paintings, which are available and they can use them in their projects.

Would you share with us any of your creations and how can we tell if it is an original one?

My works are distinctive thanks to my relief and signature technique. If anyone who knows and sees one of my paintings in any interior, he/she immediately realizes that it is from Artspace Home.

Which is the future of Artspace Home? A world-renowned brand, will the range of its products or techniques be enriched?

Artspace remains a surprise every season. The only thing you should do is to follow me!

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