Artemide Cosmic Angel: lively, organic design

Artemide Cosmic Angel: lively, organic design

London designer Ross Lovegrove has designed three lights for Italian brand Artemide in 2009, Cosmic Angel, Cosmic Ocean and Cosmic Leaf. Below, we provide a design overview of the Cosmic Angel Light.

Cosmic Angel is a large two meter long digital surface that acts to capture and distribute light in a very new and visually engaging way. It has be derived from an ongoing research into liquid forms, digital algorithms and the contemporary process of milling and forming directly from computer software. The undulating waves have been studied to capture light from several different sources as a way of creating a very poly-sensorial distribution of light within a room or architectonic space.

“My concept way to freeze a moment that seemed to be created by air rolling over a thin sheet , achieving a very natural flow and rhythm in the lightweight sculptural skin. Ultimately it appears to be suspended in anti gravity on a cushion of air….like the cosmos in the complex forms and geometries that seem to defy explanation and create a sense of infinity.”

When designing the Artemide Cosmic Angel pendant light Ross Lovegrove was aiming at creating a light that is reminiscent of a thin leaf that is blowing in the wind. He was able to realise this idea by means of the new, flexibly formable material as well as innovative milling technology.

The characteristic feature of this light is its lively, organic structure. The unique, futuristic design of the Cosmic Angel was facilitated by the innovative material methacrylate. The surfaces of the light head is lacquered in a special way so that the thermoplastic material looks like polished stainless steel. Two die-cast aluminium structures that house the illuminants are suspended below the light head by means of filigree wires.

Due to its extraordinary conception, the Artemide Cosmic Angel produces an indirect illumination as the illuminants are to be found in the structures located below the light head, this way, a unique, harmonious ambient lighting is created. This kind of light bulbs is well-known for its excellent colour rendering which means that the colours of illuminated objects are reproduced naturally. Since this light is designed in accordance with protection class I and fire-resistance class F, the Artemide Cosmic Angel is suitable for providing interior illumination in the living area.

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