Architecture through Illustrations

Architecture through Illustrations

One of the key elements during the design process is how you represent the project before it comes to life. And for this are used many methods, from hand drawing to realistic visualization with computer softwares. Architects and architecture students prefer to represent their projects through renderings, to show the attributes of an architectural design.

Recently, more attention has been paid to the graphics used in presenting a project, making it more artistic. Illustration is one of the methods of representing an architectural design and not only. Illustrations that depict an architectural project in a simplified form often allow a viewer to focus on specific features without the distraction of photorealism. Below we present to you some architectural illustrations that will probably make you switch from rendering to illustration.

Nina Illustrations


by LAAGO Architects 

Macro scale conceptual proposal

by DEA Studio

Architecture Illustrations

by Jora Kasapi

The Illustrations represent several collages realized with different postproduction techniques. Some of them were part of comissioned work and some realized for research projects or simple competitions.

The evening walk and Tirana by night

by Blerus


by Dashnor Kadiri

Urban moments

by Enxhi Daci

Urban design for urban regeneration in the warehouse area, Vau i Dejës city.

Path on monochrome

by Denis Muça

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