Architecture and Feelings

Architecture and Feelings

Article: “Architecture and Feelings” – for Star People magazine
Author: Architect Junilda Karanxha

Adventurous architecture - Singapore Airport, Moshe Safdie

The title of this article is not a coincidence, as we are in the month of the feelings!

I would like to take advantage of and bring in a different form of interpretation of architecture, as dynamic and pleasant as I think.

Why is human emotion a crucial factor when designing architecture?

By generating emotion, architecture reaches almost poetic levels of perception, that is, when it creates an emotional connection with the individual, the message conveyed is deeper experienced and lasts in time!

“Honest” or brutalist architecture - Valley of Heroes - Miodrag Zivkovic's monument

Let’s just think a little …

People do not read poetry, see theater plays or visit museums every day of their lives, but they experience architecture at every moment of their lives! Probably not in an observational way, but unconsciously yes!

Emotions either positive or less are generated in a very natural way… let’s say, architecture is under the pressure of human emotion all the time!

Peaceful architecture - Secular Retreat, Peter Zumthor

But let’s not forget that those who do architecture, from its creators who sculpted it to the freshman students, have the same sensitivity and experience, and here come into play the duties, the professional ambition, the personal sensitivity of a number of other factors which are the fuel of the creativity machine!

Architecture has the sublime duty that through forms and volumes, it creates to generate emotions in real time, inevitably, in everyone!

Powrful architecture - Port House, Zaha Hadid Architects

That being said, I have attempted to categorize architecture precisely in this sensitive perspective, to give it the color and form of the emotions.

– Adventurous Architecture

– “Honest” or brutalist architecture

– Peaceful architecture

– Powerful architecture

– Playful architecture

Arkitektura lozonjare - LEGO House by BIG

Source: https://starbusinessmag.com/arkitektura-dhe-ndjenjat/

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