Architects of Albania Rovena Agolli

Architects of Albania Rovena Agolli

A brief description about you…

I run Studio Factory, Interior Design studio. Created in 2008. I started working as an interior designer before setting up the studio, since 2005. The projects I’ve worked on are commercial, residential as well as television, scenography and television interiors.

Omega nga Studio Fabrika

Why did you choose Architecture? What was the spark that led you to this profession?

Interior Design is a profession that I chose to explore 16 years ago. I had completed my studies at the Academy of Arts in visual arts, while I was active in artistic creativity and participating in exhibitions, thinking about what work I could do that could be related to creation and design. Some professions came to mind, and when I thought of interior design , I immediately felt a spark of joy, a strong connection, and I instantly felt confident that I could give my best to this job. While I was working in television in aesthetics and costume department. What I wanted to develop further, which could best represent me, was the scenography. Shortly thereafter, I had the opportunity to live for two years in the USA where I studied Interior Design. This training made me even more confident about the decision I had made and deepened my love for the profession. As soon as I returned to Albania, I started first with projects of my friends I worked with on television and then with new clients.

Interior design is a profession that requires a lot of attention and dedication, in addition to creativity. For me it is still a constant challenge where emotions are always the same and love for every project is new.

Composing an interior with all the elements in harmony, considering to client requirements and project specifications, and maintaining your individuality in creativity, is a fun and all-encompassing challenge.

Omega restorant nga Studio Fabrika

How do you think about architecture and what is your project that best represents you?

Architecture for me is a language with which creation materializes. Architecture is a three-dimensional creation that highlights cultural and geographical features, as well as proposes new attitudes to the individual architect’s contexts.

In the interior architecture, the color of those who will live the interior is added to this palette. Here the interior turns into a personal story, which vibrates its energy and communicates with all its elements (materials, textures, lighting, shapes, proportions, colors, volumes, etc.). And that makes each project very different and demanding.

In this project journey, our evolution is unavoidable. It is broadcast daily on new projects, yet the distinctive features of creative individuality are not lost, they are only perfected.

If I should mention projects that best represents my aesthetic are Bazaart boutique and Omega3 restaurant. In both of these projects I find my favorite color palette of materials, which is mostly minimal and warm. Harmonizing wood with iron and finishing stone or spatially coated surfaces in conjunction with greenery bring nature closer to the interior. The report of the distribution of these elements creates an interior of distinctive personality, which with its aesthetic attitude, brings us peace, order, harmony and joy. One of my favorite elements is lighting, which gives life  and values to every element if it’s properly conceived.

In both of these lighting projects is a prominent element, though many do not know how to explain that it comes from a good feeling not to leave these environments. I know that the key is lighting.

What advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your career, valid even for young architects or those girls / women who want to become architects?

“Just Love” what you are doing.

Just love everything you do and you will only shine. I was fortunately born with this feeling and awareness, and do every job with the greatest love. It saves no energy and no account. Only love grows, love adorns, love is meaning! Without it you can do nothing more than create.

The fear that you will not succeed is just the opposite pole of love that only brings you the confidence that you can do it all. We choose on our own which pole we want to stay.

At the beginning of any initiative or career if we are afraid, we start designing gender or local barriers that make our reality and they happen. If we have love and trust for our potential, we see nothing as an obstacle, rather we see it as an advantage. Being female is a tremendous opportunity to grow up and challenge your social mindset. If you are clear on the objective you set, everything becomes easy for you. We create reality on our own, so it is very important to be positive in our designs and discover the inexhaustible potentials with which we have been blessed by the Creator.

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