Architects of Albania Klodiana (Emiri) Taci

Architects of Albania Klodiana (Emiri) Taci

A brief description about you …

After 20 years of co-managing DEA Studio, towards a new personal challenge as CEO of MA Studio & Partners.

Why did you choose Architecture? What was the spark that led you to this profession?

The profession of architect has been present in my house because of my father (architect) who was my inspiration ,first by injecting seriousness and discipline into the work and, than naturally into Architecture which would become inseparable part of my life.

Medieval art museum by Dea Studio

How do you think about architecture and what is your project that best represents you?

Architecture, rather than a profession, is a passion because of its essence of artistic creation.

Architecture is a synthesis of functionality with aesthetics, so functional interpretation, harmonization of spaces and aesthetic aspect is the essence of experiencing the object and is the key to success for any architectural creation. Architecture has the mission of enhancing the quality of life in both public and private spaces.

It’s hard to specify a single project in 20 years career as an architect, given the variety of many projects accomplished, but I can say that one of the projects I can be proud of is the “Tirana Olympic Park Complex” which is a an important achievement for me as a manager of DEA Studio, an internationally acclaimed and award-winning facility.

Projekti i Dea Studios,Tirana Olympic park
Tirana Olympic Park by Dea Studio architecture

What advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your career, valid even for young architects or those girls /

Interesting questions at a point in my life when I believe you all think of ‘retro’ to go back to what we could have done better and have the reflections transmitted to the children or in my case to the students in the audience. Architecture is a very complex profession and what I am constantly suggesting to my students is expanding professional knowledge beyond the information they receive in the auditorium. Today thanks to technology, the information is endless, which will help them grow professionally to be successful architects in the future.

Projekti i Shetitores se Qeparoit nga Dea Studio
Qeparo Waterfront by Dea Studio

What other accomplishments does a successful woman like you expect in a career?

In fact your question coincides with exactly one milestone of my career. I have had significant achievements as one of the founders and executives of
DEA Studio for 20 years, a success that was recently crowned with a studio career award at the international SHARE Architects conference. I have decided to take on new individual challenges in running a new office I have just founded from “MA Studio & Partners“. It is a special career moment in which I aspire to delve into some aspects of design that go beyond the core approaches that have led me to design so far. The challenges relate mainly to objectives towards sustainable architecture that values ​​energy efficiency in buildings and is in fact a very interesting area. It is a challenge that belongs to the future and that is what inspires me. Our profession itself is challenging.

Black Diamond Residence building in Tirane by Dea Studio
Black Diamond Residence building in Tirane by Dea Studio

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