Architects of Albania Ingrid Martini

Arkitektja Ingrid Martini

Architects of Albania Ingrid Martini

A brief description about you…

I am an architect profiled in Interior Design. I have my own studio since 2014. Before that,I worked in 2 other studios, located within the structure of an import furniture showroom, for about 12 years. Respectively, 4 and 8 years. So, I have about 18 years of working in the interior field.

Why did you choose Architecture? What was the spark that led you to this profession?

I don’t have a specific reason. The year I had to choose my field of study and where to compete was a difficult one. It’s about ’97. At the time, the source of information we had access to, was very limited (unimaginable today). A family friend of mine had a girl who was studying in the high school a year before me, who chose architecture. When I heard about, it sounded like it belonged to me. I chose architecture very instinctively.

Arkitekte Ingrid Martni
Fragmente nga projektet e arkitektes Ingrid Martini
Apartament nga Ingrid Martini

How do you think about architecture and what is your project that best represents you?

I think that through the profession we practice, we literally influence the quality of life of many people. It makes this work so desirable, loaded with so many responsibilities.


I think it is essential that architecture (exterior, or interior) is compatible with our way of living. It is very important to focus on the human and his anatomy, his movements, beyond the fact of being aesthetically curated in a project.


It is very important, in my optics, to have the style, the character, the “backbone”. Nonetheless, translated into poor, simple, tangible finishes, possibly not intimidating and without salutations.


Another detail I would like to bring to your attention is memory, recollection, architecture and interiors. Although with not a very rich background, but perhaps more so for this reason, we must preserve and inherit as much of this asset, which is unfortunately slowly disappearing. We have our own identity, which if we try to see less with love, we can create works as unique as those that inspire us in portals or magazines.

Projekt nga Ingrid Martini,projekte
Fragmente nga projektet e Ingrid Martini

What advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your career, also valid to young architects or girls / women who want to become architects?

It would just be a Quote that I personally received in the summer when I was preparing to enter the competition:

“Do your thing. Listen to your inner voice.” Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. We are all different, but the world is so beautiful because it is so diverse.

Timeless Apartment by Martini Design Studio
Timeless Apartment by Martini Design Studio

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