Architects of Albania Doriana (Bozgo) Bleta

arkitekte Doriana Bleta

Architects of Albania Doriana (Bozgo) Bleta

A brief description about you…

I graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture in 1999. From 2001-2004 I was the coordinator for Soros funded projects under the Tirana 2000 program (AEDP).

Since 2005, I have been teaching as a lecturer in Studio 1, 2 and Interior Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Polytechnic University of Tirana. Since 2000 I am co-founder of Studio B&L along with Roland Lika and Ermal Bleta.

Over the years, according to the circumstances that connect me to both, the academic and applied area of the profession, I have tried that these two dimensions influence each other.

Ndertese rezidenciale nga B&l studio
Akademia, projekti i studio B&l

Why did you choose Architecture? What was the spark that led you to this profession?

In fact I have choose it by elimination method. It seems like an unusual term in career selection, but it also happens. Being a passionate person for knowledge, I had the opportunity to choose. So I eliminated medicine, law, economics, etc., and decided to become an architect. By the end of gymnasium, I had only expressed my talent through drawing a flower. What I can already identify as expressions of empathy with the architecture was the interest in the specific qualities of the physical environment and the emotional connection to them.

Akademia plan - Doriana Bozgo
Akademia plan - Doriana Bozgo

How do u think architecture and what is the project that best represents you?

I think of architecture as a self-portrait. Often the design process is not carried out in terms of absolute freedom, but nevertheless it carries the qualities of the individual who designs it. There are two projects I like most, one of which was built and the other unfortunately remained a proposed project idea. The built object is a multi-family residence which we call the Academy, based on its position (behind the Academy of Arts). I can consider it as one of the most mature studio jobs, an appreciation expressed through the nomination for the Aga Khan Award in 2016. The second project is a research for the possibilities of form built into environments of strong identity. The proposed project idea, winner of the Future Project Awards, SHARE 2020, addresses the possibility of developing a tourist resort on the southern coast of Albania, through the reinterpretation of the local architectural language.

Fshati turistik ne Palase nga B&l studio
AKROCERAUN, projekti ne Palase

What advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your career, also valid to young architects or girls / women who want to become architects?

Architecture is like disease, it dominates everyday life. In these conditions, mom or mother-in-law becomes a vital necessity.

AKROCERAUN, modulet e projektit ne Palase nga b&l studio
AKROCERAUN, modulet e projektit ne Palase nga b&l studio

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