Active Light Application

ACTIVE LIGHT application

Active Light Application

Active Light is based on natural daylight, it does not compete with it, but instead works with it. Here are some practical application of Active Light in interior:

Active Light In The Office

Creating Light Creates Inspiration

Against the background of the fact that light also affects humans at a biological level, the problem discussed here becomes clear with today’s 5 usual office lighting: Contrary to sunlight, which varies its intensity and color temperature throughout the day, artificial light is static and its illumination intensity is usually about 500 lux and a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin. But that the standard lighting intensity of 500 lux is perceived as too low in the workplace.

Zumtobel provides lighting solutions through Active Light for specific lighting conditions in the office so that the user can make use of individual control options as far as possible, depending on the task and individual preference, and he is able to work with a lighting intensity of up to 800 lux. The right light at the right time also has a positive influence on the cognitive performance and therefore on the creativity of the human being.

eggboard artemide
Eggboard Artemide - Office project by And Studio Architects

Active Light In Industry 

Creating Light Creates Precision

Active Light can make a valuable contribution, especially to shift workers, for an adapted synchronization of the rhythm of the day. Intelligent lighting control systems and innovative sensors also allow that through the number and location of the persons, their frequency and movement patterns, the right lighting scenario is provided for the respective activity and therefore safety, precision and quality is promoted.

Innova Ideal lux
Innova Ideal lux

Active Light For Shop & Retail 

Creating Light Creates Emotion

Active Light integrates the insights gained from the Zumtobel study, in order to provide the customer with the preferred light mood and, on the other hand, to present brands and products in the best possible way. At an emotional level, Active Light creates a light mood that positively affects well-being and thus also the length of stay in the business. At a visual level, Active Light provides a targeted approach through orientation and variation of luminance intensity with respect to space and time.

Active Light concepts based on dynamic light colors, adapted to the respective product, improve the quality assessment. With high-quality architecture and attractive goods presentation, not only does the willingness to purchase increase, but also the acceptance of higher prices.

A.24 Circular Stand-alone Artemide
A.24 Circular Stand-alone Artemide - Retail project by Studio tonassiranghetti

Active Light For Art and Culture 

Creating Light Creates Imagination

Active Light in art and culture takes into account all the conservative and visual aspects and reconciles them with the movement patterns of the visitor in space and time. Technologies such as tunable White are not only able to vary the color of the day with the day, but they can also match the materialization, art form, and the working technique of the artist. Finally, the artists’ messages are not only characterized by the choice of color, but also by the history of the work, place, daylight or artificial light and the like.

Aria 35 Track
Aria 35 Track

Active Light Outdoors 

Creating Light Creates Interaction

Active Light solution harmonizes all the three levels of light (visual, biological and emotional). If the users of an outdoor space are integrated in the planning, a lighting solution is created that serves both human beings and the environment alike. This improves the sense of security, orientation and quality of stay in public areas. The light also has a social dimension as it promotes the communication and interaction of people.

Reeds Artemide
Reeds Outdoor Artemide

Active Light as a Connection Between Man and Architecture

With Active Light, Zumtobel has formulated a visionary objective: “Creating Light Creates Life”. The dynamic artificial light is based on the naturally given, elementary relationship between man and light in all spheres of life. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, Active Light offers the possibilities to dynamically reconcile the original needs of people with the requirements of modern life. The interaction of nature, people and technology sets the course for new light-planning and architectural approaches with a holistic aspiration.

Source: Back To The Roots Through Light by Zumtobel

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