Apartment Lighting – Bedroom

Apartment Lighting – Bedroom

A bedroom is perhaps the most intimate of rooms in a house. Nothing speaks of your personality more than a bedroom. From the art adorning your walls to the furniture filling up the space – your bedroom is a sweet haven of your own unique style and it deserves equally unique bedroom lighting to make this space comfortable, cozy and warm.

Lighting is one of the most important factors contributing to a bedroom’s overall ambience. Different types of unique bedroom lighting options are available to create effects ranging from dramatic and romantic to relaxing and functional. You can use lamps in various styles and finishes for decorative or functional purposes.

Flos String Light Cone by Michael Anastassiades


Here are some of the main types of modern bedroom lighting:

General lighting
Ambient lighting
Task lighting
Accent lighting
Spot lighting
Decorative lighting

Flos Clara, Ceiling/wall lighting by Piero Lissoni

Take a quick look at the types of modern bedroom lighting fixtures and some Flos products from Abiesse Lighting, that you can experiment with:

1. Ceiling lights – From vintage chandeliers to ultramodern pendant (hanging) lamps, the range of lighting fixtures available in this category is quite incredible.

Flos Skygarden Replica, ceiling light by Marcel Wanders
Flos Skygarden Recessed, ceiling light by Marcel Wanders

2. Wall sconces – Wall lights can really transform the character and ambiance of a bedroom. Wall lighting can add a certain amount of charm and elegance to your bedroom.

Flos Wirering, ceiling/wall light by Formafantasm

3. Table lamps – The good old table lamps have witnessed a whole lot of transformation over the years to serve up classy, functional and compact designs. A bedside table lamp is an absolute must!

Flos Bellhop, table lamp by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

4. Floor lamps – In case you are looking to layer the bedroom lighting with something that stands tall (literally), there are a whole lot of modern floor lamp designs and makes to choose from.

Flos Captain Flint, floor lamp by Michael Anastassiades

5. Under-cabinet lighting – This type of modern lighting can illuminate hard-to-reach yet important places like the insides of your closet or underneath the cabinet.

6. Track lighting – One of the relatively newer forms or styles of lighting, track lights are made for modern bedrooms..

Flos Aim, pendant light by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Source: usa.flos.com

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