The Blue Apartment

Ingrid Martini interior design

The Blue Apartment

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The Blue Apartment
Martini Design Studio
Ingrid Martini
Tirana, Albania
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Ingrid Martini is an architect and interior designer, specialized in designing the interior of a(n) building/apartment. With 17 years of experience in the field of interior and with a variety of works that stand out in their variety and diversity. In the wide panorama of interior designers, Ingrid is definitely a prominent and very stylish one.

Beautiful houses are nurtured by the personality of those who live in it and the architectural-natural context that surrounds it. Of course, the apartment of this young couple with three children, in one of the highest quality complexes in the suburbs of Tirana, is at maximum levels, in terms of the panoramic view offered by the day area, but also for the tranquility and  intimacy that the night area offers, privileging this apartment with a full 360 degree view. The whole apartment is surrounded almost in every orientation with verandas and balconies.

In the interior, what impresses is the lively, cheerful, solar elegance, which is ignited by the passions of the owners for art, design, architecture, nature, colors. In this fluid space, you can not miss the icons that have made the history of international design, some of the authors such as Michele de Lucchi, Bourullec Brothers, Charlote Perriande, Jean Prouve, Luovica + Roberto Palomba.

Carefree, but perfect layering of furniture, carpets, lighting or beloved objects and above all, frames with paintings and photographs exposed on the walls.

The welcoming space of the apartment is the missing corridor, and practically the entrance is directly to the living room, where a large, very large, “L” shaped sofa is placed backwards. The volume of the apartment is absolutely interesting, complete, large, with a wide space. It is all emphasized even more by the used chromatic effects and the beautiful game of contrasts. Proper lighting and chromatic palette has helped make this space quite enjoyable.

Then comes the living room, where in front of the big sofa is positioned the TV, also extra large.

Meanwhile, one can not be impressed by the wonderful view offered by the numerous windows that accompany the salon and the areas associated with it.

In the extension of the living room comes uninterrupted the cooking, dining area and a large library which is so high that it is designed together with the sliding ladder. But what is totally new, is the playroom, dedicated to the 3 little ones of the house.

The cooking area has almost a monumental impact. It is located in an area where the maximum quota reaches 450cm. Its furniture were chosen to be relatively low, on purpose. The maximum height of the columns of this kitchen, Doimo Cucine, reaches only 145cm. The kitchen was chosen with a modern, almost minimalist design, very clean in lines and volumes, with a strict rhythm of the dimension of the counters. The blue color is also a bold choice, but that resulted in a perfect balance with the materials and finishes that surround it.

Apartamenti Blu Ingrid Martini

The 3 bedrooms have a rectangular shape, with full dimensions, which makes them very comfortable. Their uniqueness lies in the treatment made by the architect, to give a warm and sweet atmosphere in the finish, material and color.

Both children’s rooms are treated with wallpaper and very unusual colors. While the matrimonial room has a very different plan: a large bed is positioned in the center, with the back facing the entrance of the room and facing the window overlooking the back porch of the house.

Apartamenti Blu Ingrid Martini

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