What is Industrial Style?

Industrial style or industrial chic refers to an aesthetic trend in architectural design that takes elements from old factories, warehouses and industrial spaces which have been recently converted into living spaces (loft and others). Industrial style is all about achieving raw, edgy style that looks unfinished, yet cohesive. It is a juxtaposition of rustic and contemporary, rough and cozy.

Components of industrial style include weathered wood, building systems, exposed brick, industrial lighting fixtures and concrete.

Characteristics of Industrial Style

  • Exposed ceiling. Industrial style exposes what others try to conceal, and one of them is pipes and ducts on the ceiling. This style celebrates this showcase, so that the room looks ‘unfinished’.
  • Metal surfaces are exposed in the columns and beams, typically, and in other elements to resemble the industrial era.
  • Wood, concrete, and bricks are common materials to use for walls.
  • Vintage furniture are used that has some metal.
  • Showing of mechanical details.
  • Colors are kept warm, earthy and neutral, staying true to the nature of the materials.

What is S67 URBAN and why we develop it…

A new hinged insulated system by ALUMIL, which successfully combines the present with the past and the classic with the modern.

The unique aesthetics of S67 Urban, meet the contemporary architectural trends for industrial design, which render the system an ideal choice for industrial look on new buildings, or upgrading old steel framed windows.

Applicable to all tilt and turn typologies.

What are the winning points of S67 URBAN?

Compared to steel windows:

  • S67 URBAN is a cost-effective alternative which at the same time, maintain industrial aesthetics.
  • Maintenance that steel requires is considerably more due to corrosion and rust of material.
  • S67 URBAN thanks to thermal break profiles offers significantly higher thermal efficiency than a steel window.
  • Thanks to aluminium robustness and flexibility, S67 URBAN offers slim sightlines even for the most demanding constructions.

Compared to other steel look aluminium systems:

  • The intense protrusions on both internal and external surface give SMARTIA S67 URBAN an authentic steel look fully aligned with the trends of modern architecture.
  • Unlimited freedom design by using both T profiles and muntins in all possible combinations.
  • Low threshold solution, enhancing access to people with disabilities and children.

When should you “propose” S67 URBAN to your customer?

  • When window sightline must be fully aligned with trends of industrial design in a new modern residence.
  • When a renovation of an old building requires maintenance of steel windows aesthetics.
  • When the authentic look of steel windows accompanied with exceptional performance is a major call, then S67 URBAN is the ideal choice.

Source: Alumil; thedesignstory.com

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